Pitching isn’t everything if you can’t score!

Brian Sabean and the Giants like to stress how important pitching is. Yes I believe it is very important to have pitchers that can give you a quality start. This is a pitcher that can give your team a chance to win. Matt Cain is living proof that pitching isn’t everything. This kid can go out there and pitch some gems, but still can’t get any run support behind him.


TimLincecum-1.jpgThe National League West was the weakest division by far last season. The Giants had the starting pitching to get them a lot of wins, but lost a lot of games because they couldn’t score many runs. I’m still amazed how Tim Lincecum won so many games with the run support the Giants put out. I’m sure glad no one was able to hit him and his ERA was so low. Lincecum’s ERA this season was 2.62 and he did reach 18 wins. You basically had to be a Cy Young award winner to be able to get some wins on this team.


I’m all for having great pitchers and have a great pitching staff. This is what the Giants do seem to have since they have made some upgrades to their bullpen. They just need to make a move to get some spark in their lineup.


— King of Cali

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