Trade Jonathan Sanchez and sign Randy Johnson!

Since it obvious the Giants aren’t going to make a move for Teixeira. They should trade
RandyJohnson.jpgJonathan Sanchez while he has some trade value and sign Rand Johnson for one year. Johnathan Sanchez can probably land the Giants a decent bat. I mean he won’t be a superstar, but someone with some pop. I think the Randy Johnson signing is good either way. Noah Lowry is coming off surgery and were still not sure what pitcher he will be when he gets back.


The ace of the staff would be Tim Lincecum followed by Matt Cain, Randy Johnson, Barry Zito and then Jonathan Sanches. I mean you can flip flop those guys around but that could possibly be the starting rotation. I think Barry Zito will be a better pitcher at the end of the rotation. Not going up against other teams ace. Jonathan Sanches should be fine at the end of the rotation but if he struggles. Then he can be moved to the bullpen and have Noah Lowry get his spot back. Well that’s what the options could be by signing Randy Johnson.


Brian Sabean has recently told some people that he is trying really hard to sign Randy Johnson. I have heard people say that the Giants will have to many lefty’s in their starting rotation. I personally don’t think that make a big difference. If you can pitch. Then you can pitch! Plus by signing Randy Johnson he can help be a mentor to Jonathan Sanchez.

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