Why not Manny?

The Giants are hurting for superstar to take center stage at Pac Bell Park
Manny.jpg(AT&T Park) or whatever it’s now called. Who can change a pitchers park into a launching pad? Yes that’s right…. Manny! The Giants say they don’t want to make any moves that’s going to slow the growth of future home grown Giants. Well signing Manny wouldn’t do that. He would require a long term contract. They can probably sign him for 2 years or 3 the most. He makes perfect sense for the Giants. You can take him away from the Dodgers and you get a huge bat right smack in the middle of the lineup. He’s going to get his home runs no matter what stadium he’s playing in. The Giants have the money to pay for Manny to come. It’s just Sabean is now trigger shy to really make any big moves by free agent signing or trades. While I’m writing this blog I’m hearing that they Yanks are close to signing Ramirez. Why don’t the Giants just go out and toss the money his way. He’s 20 times better than any hitter that they have on their current roster. This is a guy that can change your season. He can put the Giants at the top of the National League West! Why not roll the dice on a SUPERSTAR like Manny Ramirez?
– King of Cali 


  1. Jane Heller

    Nice blog, King. Glad you joined the group here and stopped by “Confessions of a She-Fan.” I live in Cali too (Yankee fan down in Santa Barbara) and I’ve always wanted to see the Giants’ stadium. I hear it’s beautiful and a great place to watch bb. Manny would be a good fit for the Giants and it sounds like nobody but the Dodgers has made an offer. I can’t tell if the Yankees are involved in talks about him or not. Rumors change every day!


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