Dodgers in limbo with Ramirez and contact Dunn and Abreu

I recently heard the Dodgers are not going to wait for Manny Ramirez and have already let
Manny.jpgAdam Dunn
and Bobby Abreu know that they are interested. This could be a backup plan that is just going to get moved to the front since Ramirez won’t give them an answer about his return to the Dodgers or not. It also can be a move to let Ramirez know hey you need to decide before we make a move to sign one of these other guys.


AdamDunn.jpgWhen I heard about this it got me thinking of different things that can happen. I was thinking wow what if the Dodgers sign Dunn or Abreu and that leaves the Giants to snatch up Ramirez. Then I was also thinking well that would suck if the Dodgers got Dunn and Ramirez signed with another team. That still leaves the Giants with nothing. Well you never know what willl happen. All we can do is voice our opinions and see what the teams do on their own.


-King of Cali

One comment

  1. juliasrants

    While Manny’s bat would hopefully be good for the Giants if they can land him, the problem with him is that you never know if the “good Manny” or the “bad Manny” will show up at the ball park. And don’t, as a fan, make too much of him – after all that was a huge complaint of his. That the Red Sox fans were too passionate.

    Happy New Year King!


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