If you were a GM what realistic moves would you make for your team this off-season?

Its funny cause I wrote this topic down and was going to post a blog about it.
Thumbnail image for TimLincecum-1.jpgThen I actually found another blog with something similar. It was about the Giants and what they would do if they were the GM. I do give the guy credit because he did put a lot of time and thought into it, but it just wasn’t realistic. What realistic moves would you make with your team. Trades, free agent signings or whatever you can think of. You can’t change any of the teams your team has already made this off-season. Starting today….
If I was Brian Sabean I would trade some pitching for a bat. I would trade Jonathan Sanchez to the Florida Marlins for Jorge Cantu. He hit .277 with 29 home runs and 95 RBI’s. That would be the corner infielder they were looking for. He can play 3rd base and then Pablo Sandoval can play first base.
Then I would make a hard push for Manny Ramirez. He would be another great bat that would be in the middle of the lineup. Then the Giants would be the favorite in the NL West. They would have a very decent lineup with a great starting rotation.
If by any chance the Giants are out of it by trading deadline. Then I would trade Bengie Molina since he’s in his last year of his contact. No need to re-sign him with Buster Posey ready to come up by the end of the season. Posey was drafted by the Giants with the 5th overall pick in the 2008 draft. Randy Winn would like to stay a Giant. He’s been a good Giant too. I would re-sign him if he doesn’t demand a lot of money. If he’s not signed before the trading deadline. I would also trade him as well. To get some minor league player or players. No sense in letting him walk at the end of the season and get nothing in return.

~King of Cali


  1. Elizabeth D

    First off, Congrats on being Featured Blog! That’s great! 🙂
    I was at AT&T Park this year (which is beautiful!) and I saw a Dodgers vs Giants game and the rivalry was INTENSE. I think Manny would be happy with the Giants on the West Coast, but who knows for four years? Manny can get crazy!
    Great picture of Lincecum and I like your ideas as GM! Randy Winn has been great as a Giant and smart idea to trade for Cantu!

  2. redbirdchatter

    Nooooo…you can’t trade Bengie! OK fine, I suppose you can if you are the GM, afterall. But, I bet you’ll end up missing him. Of course, I haven’t seen your boy, Posey, but I’m sure he could benefit from some Molina mentoring. Good Luck getting Manny…he could make all the difference! Besides, you sure don’t want the Dodgers to have him.

  3. Jane Heller

    As they’ve been saying constantly on the MLB Network, if the Giants get Manny they win the NL West. And as Kathy said, you don’t want the Dodgers to have him. I know he had big problems in Boston, but look how well he performed in LA.


  4. kingofcali

    Our GM always deny’s everything until it’s official and he always says he doesn’t think we will get someone. Just doesn’t like to get fans to excited so they don’t get mad later. No I don’t know the “Prince of New York”. lol

    ~King of Cali

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