Giants fans have mixed feelings about Manny

Fans in the Bay Area are saying the Giants need Manny to bring a big name
MannyRamirezredsox.jpgand bat back to San Francisco. Then other fans are saying let Manny be Manny somewhere else. I see both sides, so I understand both sides of the argument.
Manny can make any teams lineup look solid with him in the middle of it. He can hit a home run out of any park, so that would mean even a pitchers park like AT&T park. Manny can also hit for average as well as being a home run threat every time he steps to the plate. He would have tons of fans buying tickets just to see him swing the bat.
Manny would be a big liability out in leftfield. If Manny isn’t happy he will want to sit out or give up on his team. He’s getting up in age to give a big contract to him. Manny would be a team destroyer in the locker room.
I’m sure there is a lot more pro’s and con’s out there. I would still sign Manny. He is SUPERSTAR player. He brings fans to the park. If you pass by a TV and see him at the plate. You will stop to see what he does. He will help a team that is in need of a big bat. He will not get in the way of any up and coming Giants.
It’s obvious that I think the Giants should sign him, but I know they will not. Manny will be a Dodger sooner or later. Why couldn’t the Yankees sign him too? Just to get him out of the NL West. I am a Manny fan and look forward to see him play next season. Since he will probably hit around .300. I figured he can have his hits against other teams, cause he will not be able to hit our starting rotation.
~King of Cali
Tyler Walker has signed with the Mariners and Rich Arullia’s agent said the Giants are talking to them about re-signing him for another season, but won’t do so till it get’s closer to spring training.


  1. juliasrants

    I think Manny would be best in the American League where he could just DH and not play left. While he still has a great arm, he has slowed down in years (okay – maybe he wasn’t ever that fast) and his fielding can be a real issue.


  2. rockymountainway

    Bottom dollar makes sense and you are right he will put butts in the seats but with all that young talent around, you want that cat potentially messing up the waters? I don’t know, I know he would be knocking some dingers out into the bay but it wouldn’t justify it for me.

  3. hardballblog

    Manny is one of those players like T.O., Pacman Jones, or Chad Johnson. They can be the best thing to ever happen to a team, or they can be the cancer that completely rips that team apart. If Manny doesn’t get his money whichever team picks him up should prepare for the worst.

  4. redbirdchatter

    You may be right about Manny not being able to hit the Giants starting pitching. I remember the Manny-loaded Dodgers not doing so well against the Giants in September 08. I looked it up to be sure, and the Giants bested the Dodgers 4 games to 2. So, I take back what I said earlier about the Giants needing to get Manny just so the Dodgers wouldn’t have him. You can beat ’em anyway. đŸ™‚

  5. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    K of C-Hardball said it nicely, Manny’s just flakey. It’s a roll of the dice with Man-Ram. I like the guy, he’s a rebel for sure. However, in my opinion he’s much too risky for most team’s payroll and/or integrity (one self-rightious player can spoil an entire team). I wonder what kind of attitude check it would be for him if he sat out an entire season?…D


    Yes he us 37, and needs a map to find left field, but
    the fact is no one will sign him to a long-term contract because he quit on the Sox, and GM’s have a justified fear of it happening to them. And whatever Torre has said publicly, he doesn’t want him and the Manny rules that come with that act. Torre and Francona are respected, and are not privately volunteering for Ramirez.
    This creates an opportunity for the Giants, if they wish, to offer 25 mil for a year if they think they have a shot with their pitching. That is a figure that Ramirez, who is mildly retarded, is hung up on. And the Giants would not have to sweat all the rest of it.

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