Hot Stove is on fire with Red Sox signings

The Hot Stove is still heating up. There is still some big name free agents
RoccoBaldelli.jpgout there. The Red Sox have taken a couple of them off the list. They have signed Rocco Baldelli, Mark Kotsay and have agreed to terms with John Smoltz. All these moves within a week. Has the Red Sox still looking strong going into next season.
Baledlli will be the Red Sox 4th outfielder and Kotsay will be able to fill in at first base and also can play outfield. Smoltz is a great pitcher to add to this team. He’s getting up there in age but can still pitch great. I’m sure another Red Sox signing will be coming again soon. They will eventually end up signing Jason Varitek very soon.
~King of Cali


  1. redbirdchatter

    The off-season has seemed slow, but you are right, the Red Sox are heating things up. Let the rest of the chips fall where they may!

  2. use2lovebellhorn

    I can’t believe the Red Sox signed Baldelli, and I really don’t think he is a factor in making us a better team. For years now our utility outfielders get very impatient by being a bench player and decide at the wrong time they want out. What I can’t figure out for the life of me is why on earth, other than to be a RS, that he would want to be our bench player. Apparently he is healthy now so why would he want to sit. He’s young and fast, and can hit like no tomorrow, there’s something else going on that is more than meets the eye. I hope you are right about Tek.

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