Will Vizquel end up with the Padres?

It doesn’t look like the Padres will be signing SS Omar Vizquel. Omar is coming off a very
OmarVizquel.jpgdissapointing year with the San Francisco Giants. He feels that he has a lot of game still left in him and wants to play another year. Vizquel thinks he will have a better year this year. He is still great with the glove, but his bat was no where to be found. He would make a good fit for the Padres, so lets wait and see what the Padres decide to do.


~King of Cali


  1. Elizabeth D

    The Padres are definitely in need for a shortstop after Khalil Greene went to the Cardinals. I think Vizquel would be good for them defensively, and hopefully his offensive numbers will hold up.
    I saw a special on Tim Lincecum on MLB Network the other day, and I’ve become really interested in him. I hope to see him pitch a game when I’m in California next summer!
    I thought you might know something about Lincecum–where is he from?? His last name, Lincecum, is very interesting.

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