Giants still not in any rush to pull the trigger

With everyday passing and spring training getting closer. It seems as if the San Francisco
Giants will end up with Travis Ishikawa as their projected starting first baseman. He hit three home runs with 95 at bats last season. He did have a .274 AVG as well. The Giants really like Ishikawa’s deffense. They think deffense is key for a club that will have to rely on it’s pitching.


The Giants still haven’t ruled out signing a free agent to bat in the fourth spot. Everyone know’s that’s the biggest move they need to make this offseason. Though it does seem more and more likely that they may wait. The Giants don’t feel any preasure from any of the NL West teams. No one has really made themselves better. The Giants feel they can stay in it and make a trade before the trading deadline for that big bat. By then they will know what they got with Lowry and Sanchez. Then they would try to package one of them for a big bat.


Doesn’t sound like the Giants really care about winning this season. They have a great starting staff, so they could be one big bat away from winning the NL West.


  1. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    I read on a while ago that the Giants were interested in Joe Crede. He could be the bat you need because he’s a very good player. But I understand that the Giants may be concerned about his back problems for good reason. If he didn’t have Boras as an agent, you could have probably signed him for a relatively low one-year contract and see how his back holds up. Crede did so much for the White Sox over the years that he’d be a great fit for a lot of teams if his back holds up.

  2. juliasrants

    This off-season has been crazy! I think many players who have Boras as their agents are now finding out that they were a distant second place to the “big ticket…er….name” players that Boras represented. I think Jen is right – if his back holds up – and the Giants can get pass his agent – then Joe Crede would be a good fit.


  3. kmcleod

    I think waiting is the perfect option, especially when you have three players that can play third in Guzman, Frandsen, and Sandoval. It’s not like we’ve missed out on a big name thirdbaseman this off season.

    I enjoy your blog, read you regularly, and usually agree with you, but I don’t think they’ve shown a lack of wanting to win.

    Your dead on with Ryan Howard. How are you going to go bad talk a guy that just helped you win it all. Seems like trouble to me too.

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