Kent’s next stop?????

I’m sure everyone has heard that Jeff Kent is going to announce his
JeffKentLA.jpgretirement at Dodgers Stadium today. I have read some articles and have been listening to mixed emotions from fans in the Bay Area. The big debate going on right now is if Kent should make the Hall of Fame. Jeff Kent is a guy that has always bugged me. I’m a huge Barry Bonds fan and I’m sure everyone remembers hearing about Bonds and Kent’s scuffle in the dugout in San Diego. Then he got into it with Milton Bradley.

KentBonds.jpgEveryone knows that Kent is a gamer! This guy is all business when he’s on the field. He never played the game to have best friends in the club house. Kent and Bonds were a great 3-4 punch in the middle of the lineup. These guys would never have dinner or hangout in the locker room.
The scuffle with Bonds and Kent started over an argument with third baseman David Bell and Jeff Kent. As the argument escalated, Bonds shoved Kent. They had to be separated by the trainer Stan Conte. It was obvious that Bonds and Kent didn’t care much about each other, but on the field they both respected each other and what they can do on the field. After this scuffle these guys high-fived each other 10 mins later after Bonds hit a 3 run home run. This happened in 2002. That was also the same year the Giants
BondsKent.jpgwent to the World Series.
In Brian Sabean’s first year as the Giants GM. He made a trade that was initially very unpopular. He sent a very popular Giant Matt Williams to the Indians for Jeff Kent, Julian Tavarez, Jose Vizcaino and Joe Roa. At the time it didn’t’ seem like a good trade, but if you look at it now. It was a great trade for the Giants. They got 3 quality players and Kent took off as the Giants cleanup hitter. He was hitting behind Bonds and always had RBI chances with Bonds constantly on base. Jeff became a very clutch hitter. He had over a 100 RBI’s every season with the Giants.
When Jeff Kent left the Giants. He started to bash the Giants fans and the Bay Area. This is the reason a lot of people around here have mixed feelings about him now. One thing people to need to think about is when he was on the field. This guy was a great Giant! He did his job and did it good. He was a gamer every night. He always gave it his all. Fans need to separate his off the field personality from his game on the field. I’m sure Giants fans will warm up to Kent again when he is in the Hall of Fame as a Giant. His best years were as a Giant, so he will go in the Hall of Fame as a Giant. Kent played for 17 years. He had a .290 AVG, 377 HR, 1,518 RBI’s and .500 SLG.
Here is a coukent_jeff.jpgple quotes about Jeff Kent. JT Snow said “He’s not a guy who got into the history of the game or the numbers. If you talked to him, he’d rather be out racing motorcycles or motocross. But I knew when 7 o’clock rolled around, he was going to be out there either playing hard or playing hurt. … If I’m starting a team and he’s [available], I’d want him on my team.”. “That trad e changed the direction of the franchise for the good,” said Los Angeles Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti, an assistant GM with the Giants at the time.
Next stop for Kent is the Hall of Fame! Kent just told the Giants a few mins ago that he would like to go into the Hall of Fame as a Giant.
~King of Cali


  1. crystalbaseball

    I am afraid that Kent may not get into the HOF, only because of the writers. I hope he gets in, because he is the most prolific hitting 2B of all time (Morgan being the greatest all around, Sandberg close #2). Anyways, I would like to see him in the hall as a Giant, it would make sense.

  2. redbirdchatter

    Well said! The Jeff Kent debate has been all over XM Radio’s MLB Homeplate, and no one stated the points any better than you. Will he or won’t he get in the hall? He is not a favorite of the writers, but I think the numbers will put him there, too. The hall could use a few more Giants.

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