Barry Bonds encounter….

Can you remember any encounters with you and a player? I remember when I
Bonds.jpgwas back in High School. My friends and I decided to cut school and go to a San Francisco Giants game. This was when they played at Candlestick Park. We got bleacher seats right behind Barry Bonds. It was a day game and I wish I could remember the date. Well anyways there was no one really there in the bleachers.
We were shouting to Barry and he wouldn’t turn around or say anything. We knew he could hear us cause we weren’t that far behind him. Well there was 2 out in the top of the first. It got kind of quiet in the bleachers. We gave up shouting stuff to him at that time. Probably cause we were already eating too. Right when the 3rd out was made. I yelled Barry why don’t you bunt to 3rd to get on base. He just ran off the field to get ready to hit. Other teams had the huge Barry Bonds shift on him. Third baseman plays short and everyone shifts over to the right side.
Bonds comes up to bat and the players get into the Bonds shift. I’m thinking just bunt. Get on base if they are giving it to you. The first pitch was thrown and Bonds and he turns on the pitch and launches it to the right field seats. He then comes jogging back to left field after the inning and he looks at us. He said “That’s why I don’t bunt”. We were so pumped up that he hit the home run and he came back and told us that. We were telling each other see I knew he heard us yelling at him.
I guess that had me thinking about a number 3 or 4 batter. They shouldn’t bunt just to get on in that situation. If he would have bunted. That would have took the bat out of our best player’s hands and we wouldn’t have got that run. I guess if you bunt and get on. The other team is happy cause they don’t have to worry about the chance of you getting a hold of one.
If anyone has any encounters with players. I would love to hear about it!
~King of Cali


  1. Amazin86er

    Great story. I have very good friend who is a big Giants and Bonds fan who would appreciate that story.

    I was in Pittsburgh at Three Rivers Stadium when I was 10-12 years old and me and my Dad were just walking around the stadium before the game started and somehow ended up sort of below the stadium in the area outside of centerfield. We were there to see the Mets and they were taking batting practice. In the centerfield area under the stands they had these 2 big gates that were open and then the centerfield wall was open as well for whatever reason. It was September and the rosters had expanded as there were more players than usual. I sorta freaked out as I could not believe how close I was to the actual field and actual big league ballplayers. As a flyball settled gently into a Mets player’s glove as he was about to throw the ball in he turned and fired an absolute missle right at me and my Dad reached out and made a one-handed catch as the ball was headed right for my head. To this day I have no idea who the player was.

    Anyways I recently did a comparison of former Giant Omar Vizquel and Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith. Stop by and check it out.

  2. kmcleod

    Ken Griffey Jr called me fat once during a interleague game at Candlestick!! Had me laughing for weeks, I’ll never forget it!

    On another part of that story:
    Bunting isn’t something you would ask of a three hitter like Bonds, but I hope the Giants think about bunting with everyone this season. Small ball is small ball top to bottem!
    If I have to watch Rowand and Molina swinging away in a close game with a runner on first and no outs I might break another TV. It seemed like that was a double play base 50% of the time last year

    Boch needs to bunt, get these amazing arms a run here and there!!!!

  3. Kaybee

    I was at a game with my three friends. We were by the gate outside of Petco on the third base line during BP. This player walked up to us and rolled us a ball. It was my favorite player, Kevin Kouzmanoff! He signed autographs and stuff, and it was really cool!! He had a great game that night, like 2 hits, 2 walks, and a hit-by-pitch. It was a game that lasted about 14 innings so it was a late night. But amazingly fun!

  4. Elizabeth D

    King of Cali,
    That is so cool!! Isn’t it great yelling at the players? Great that he actually responded as well!

    I was sitting on the green monster, and every time Manny would jog out to left, I would stand up and start screaming my head off, and waving my hands in the air. He would wave back or tip his cap, but it was still something.

    One of my favorites was, my friend and I were sitting seven rows behind the batters box on the Sox side (her uncle has CRAZY seats) and I started screaming at Pedroia. He turned, waved, and hit a two run homer!!

    Can’t wait for the season to start!!

  5. southpaw99

    Great story about Bonds. Thanks for checking out my blog and the videos…I’ll hopefully have more posted soon.

    My only close encounter was back in 2003. I was actually living out in San Francisco for about half a year and I went with some friends to an A’s game at the Coliseum. I can’t remember who they were playing (I want to say Seattle), but we got seats two rows up from the visitors’ dugout for about $30 a pop, which was awesome. Hard to believe tickets were that cheap after winning 100+ games the last two seasons. Anyway, the A’s were handling their opponents and in the top of the 8th, Ramon Hernandez missed a pitched ball. It didn’t matter since there wasn’t anyone on base and the game was all but decided. My friend (a die hard Red Sox fan himself) had been yelling at players all night, without any luck. However, when that ball went by, he got halfway out of his seat and yelled, “Hey Hernandez, concentrate. The game’s not over!” The whole section burst out laughing and Ramon gave him the death stare from behind the mask. It was funny in that whole, “good thing he can’t come up here and beat you” sort of way.

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