Juan Uribe a Giant?

News on the street is the Giants have signed Juan Uribe to a minor league contract. Uribe will
JuanUribe.jpgmake $1 million if he makes the Giants team. The Giants should have just signed Rich Aurilia who really wants to come back to San Francisco. Uribe can play 2nd, 3rd and shortstop. He hit .247 with 7 home runs for the White Sox in 110 games. This doesn’t mean the Giants will stop concidering Joe Crede as their 3rd base options. Just means it’s more than likely Richie will not be back to the Giants.  I can only see the Giants making this move to save like 3 million to use that money elsewhere. Maybe Manny? 

~King of Cali


  1. crystalbaseball

    You mentioned on my blog that you were interested in joining a fantasy league. As of right now, no site has drafts going on…if you want practice, go to http://www.mockdraftcentral.com and give it a couple whacks to get your feet wet. Have a nice day, and good luck to your Giants!

  2. kmcleod

    I don’t understand why we signed him? Burriss and Fandsen can do the same thing he can! We can’t carry seven infeilders, can we?

    Sandoval, Ishikawa, Burriss, Velez, Frandsen, Uribe, Renteria?

    I love Richie as much as any Giants fan, but it was time to cut ties!

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