“Will the Thrill” is back with the Giants organization

Giants fans are happy to have Will Clark back with the organization as a Special Assistant. Will was my favorite player on the Giants back in those days. This guy had one of the sweetest swings. I’m sure he can put on a
WillClark.jpgGiants jersey now and still hit. Probably wouldn’t be a bad idea either since they are looking for a first baseman. Clark was the 2nd overall pick in 1985 and played 8 years with the Giants. Every time I think back about Clark. I remember him always hitting and wearing eye black.  
Will was an “All Star” six times. Everyone remembers him as a great hitter, but he also had a decent glove. He won the gold glove award in 1991. Clark’s career batting average was .303 and he had 284 home runs.
Clark’s job with the Giants will be to go to different events and represent the Giants. He will show up the the Giants Spring Training, and also will visit Giants minor league teams.
~King of Cali


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