Barry Bonds says “Not Guilty”

Barry Bonds has pleaded not guilty today in court. He faces 10 counts of
BondsAnderson.jpgperjury and one of obstruction. I just don’t understand why the government has put so much money into trying to bust Bonds. If they find him guilty he’s only going to get probation or a maximum of 3-6 months of jail time. One good thing that Bonds has going for him is the star witness isn’t going to testify against Bonds. That’s Bonds trainer and long time friend Greg Anderson. Bonds is not expected to testify for his own trail.
~King of Cali


  1. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    I’m pretty sure if he’s convicted of perjury, he WILL face jail time. The government frowns on lying. If he’s convicted of anything, he’ll face a hefty fine too. Although since he’s a professional baseball player, he would be able to afford the fine.

  2. juliasrants

    I agree with Jen. It’s the perjury charges that will get him. Kind of like Al Capone who the government could only convict on tax-fraud. How the mighty have fallen. This how situation is very sad AND what does it say to the young kids coming up in sports? That it’s okay to put this junk in your body if it can help you run faster or hit more home runs? I’m sorry but Bonds does not belong in the HOF ever.


  3. metmainman

    He has HOF stats, but he was not a HOF person. He has too much controversy. He is not a role model. People don’t want him in the HOF with Babe Ruth and Honus Wagner. He was convicted of perjury. That is a felony and he will spend time in jail.

  4. kingofcali

    Well there is players in the HOF that aren’t role model’s. The HOF is not about who’s nice and who’s not. It’s about stats and if you’re an elite player or not. Bonds hasn’t been convicted of perjury yet either. That’s what he’s going to court for now. If he gets jail time then that’s on him. Whatever happens is because of his own choices and actions, but this still has nothing to do with stats he got from baseball.

    ~King of Cali

  5. ronlang44

    Barry Bonds would have had a hall of fame career without the steroids. I don’t believe he would’ve hit over 700 homers, but when your Godfather is Willie Mays you probably know something about the game. Just look at him when he first came up with the Pirates. He could hit for decent power, steal bases and played great defense. It’s sad that he chose to use performance enhancing drugs. I think Bonds, McGwire, Palmeiro and others won’t be in the Hall any time soon because of their link to steroids. As for getting any jail time…..if he’s found guilty I look for him to serve at least 6 months.

  6. iliveforthis

    I really hate that Bonds still has a chance to get into the HOF. I mean if you think about the minor leaguers who are trying to make it to the show, if Bonds makes it in, it’s really just telling everyone “if you can pretend that you didn’t know what you were doing, you can use all the performance enhancers you want.” I mean, ya know, that’s a little exaggerated, but it’s disappointing to see that this is what such a great game has become.

  7. redbirdchatter

    Wow, what a polarizing issue.
    We can’t fix the economy. We have murderers and terrorists on the loose. But we can prosecute Martha and Barry for lying. I agree, Cali, what a waste of money. I guess I don’t care if he took them, and I don’t care if he lied to the witch-hunters. Maybe, I should, but I don’t. If all of this hadn’t happened, he’d still be hitting dingers into McCovey Cove. Call me crazy, but with or without steriods, that’s a lot more fun that watching a trial.

  8. metmainman

    Well Pete Rose was banned from baseball and stripped of any chance for the HOF because he betted. But he betted as a manager, not a player. So if what you said “It’s not about who’s nice and who’s not” was true, then why isn’t Pete Rose in the HOF? Why isn’t McGuire in the HOF? It is partly who is nice.

  9. kingofcali

    Pete Rose was betting on the game and he could make money and change outcomes of games if he wanted. I think Pete Rose should be in the HOF. He was a great player and has the stats to be there. I don’t think his betting should keep him out, but they banned him for now. I’m sure one day they will let him in. McGuire is a different story. I have heard a lot of arguments saying his numbers wouldn’t have been good enough to make the HOF if it wasn’t for the steroids at the end of his career.

    ~King of Cali

  10. juliasrants

    King – Pete could not have changed the outcome of games – he didn’t bet on any games for teams he managed. What he did as a manager -as STUPID as they may have been – have ZERO bearing on his playing stats. He belongs in the HOF! I’m old enough – I saw him play. If he is banned for what he did when his playing days were over, then Bonds needs to be banned if he is convicted on what he did while he was a player. Yeah, I know, I have a pretty strong opinion about this. Sorry!


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