Giants H of F first baseman and not Will Clark….

The Giants flagship station KNBR had Orlando Cepeda The Giants Hall of Fame first baseman. He was on the radio to promote the Giants Fan Fest. Orlando will be at Giants Fan Fest Saturday February 7th. He said he will be
OrlandoCepeda.jpgsigning autographs, shaking hands and taking pictures with fans. Orlando has the Giants single season RBI leader record and is one of the great Giants first baseman’s of the past. He’s happy to hear about Will Clark now working with the Giants organization and loves how the Giants bring back the players to be part of the organization after their playing days.
They also asked Orlando what he thought about Manny Ramirez and if he would like to see him with the Giants. Cepeda said he would love to see Manny in the Giants uniform. He said the Giants have been after him since the beginning of free agency. He also can’t believe how Manny can turn down so much money right now with the economy.                                                                picture courtesy of 
~King of Cali


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