Update on Crede and Aurilia’s status with the Giants

Henry Schulman from the San Francisco Chronicle has said that he was told the
Thumbnail image for JoeCrede.jpgGiants are not counting on a deal with Crede and expect to move forward with Travis Ishikawa or John Bowker at first base and Pablo Sandoval at third. He also said that Brian Sabean was exploring some trades last week but they didn’t go anywhere.


With the recent signings of Juan Uribe and Rich Aurilia. The Giants have a lot of infielders. Which has me to believe that Sabean must really be trying to work a trade somewhere. I just cant see how they can have Frandsen, Velez and Burriss trying to win the 2nd base job. Then already having Uribe and Aurilia coming off the bench. That’s not even counting the back up outfielders. Schulman doesn’t think the Giants expect to make a deal with Joe Crede.


Schulman also said that if the Giants do get another infielder, Aurilia’s deal contains an “out” clause that would allow him to find another job before spring training is over.


~King of Cali


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