Domino effect time for free agents

With spring training here. I think a lot of players are going to start to panic
AbreuBobby.jpgthat they are not on teams. They don’t want to sign late and miss the start of the season. I’m sure we will see some signings starting to come quick. Bobby Abreu and Adam Dunn signing recently is starting the domino effect for the rest of the players. If someone would have asked you at the beginning of the off-season that your team can get Abreu for $5 million would you have believed them? I’m sure if any team would have thought that. Every team would have jumped to try to get that deal worked out quick. Abreu is a steal for the Angels. It’s such a great move cause they got him for cheap and he can bat anywhere. They don’t expect him to be a huge force. He’s just a great bat that has some pop. He will get them about 20 or more home runs and will hit about .300. Can’t ask for anything more than that for a $5 million deal.

DunnAdam.jpgI think Adam Dunn was waiting as long as he could to get a better offer. He just never got it, so he decided to finally sign with the Nationals. The reason I say finally cause it was reported a while back that the Nationals had a contract offer to Dunn but he just kept waiting and waiting. I think he was waiting for Manny to sign and then see what’s out there for him. I’m sure he was hoping Manny wouldn’t sign in LA, so he can sign with the Dodgers.
Now it’s wait and see who’s signing next. I’m sure most of us have heard the Dodgers are trying to sign Manny and Orlando Hudson. As a Giants fan I hate this move. As a baseball fan… I think this makes the Dodgers a whole lot stronger. To add these two bats to your lineup. Orlando will hit around .300 and Manny will just rake all day at the plate. I hope the Dodgers can’t get both of these players, but if they do. We will just throw Tim Lincecum at them and no Dodgers will be hitting that day. =)
~King of Cali


  1. dmb5354

    Abreu did go for so cheap, for the numbers that he puts up year after year–and he’s durable. I like your input on Dunn. He was waiting for Manny to sign, but then he realized who he was waiting for. One of best yet most idiotic players in the league.

  2. kingofcali

    Thanks for the comments Dan, Jeff and Julia. I do think Abreu was way cheap. Deff a good move by the Angels. I’m sure they can find a spot for his bat. His “D” is deff going downhill. I’m sure he will play this one year deal and probably try to DH for someone in his next contract. The Giants were interested in Hudson early in the off season, but then decided they wanted a shortstop cause Burriss was making a lot of errors I think in his winter ball. Manny would look great in Orange and Black but he will be a Dodger again soon. Just hope the Dodgers don’t get him and Hudson.

    ~King of Cali

  3. kingofcali

    The Giants said they did not want to be used to drive the price up for Manny. This is why they said they will not try to outbid the Dodgers. They would only sign Manny if he fell in their lap, so it would have to be if it just didn’t work the with Dodgers. I wouldn’t mind if the Giants made the dodgers pay more. Just less money the Dodgers have for other players. =)

    ~King of Cali

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