Giants Fan Fest!

I went to Giants Fan Fest on February 7th. I had a blast and I didn’t even walk all over the stadium to all the different booths and stuff they had set up. I got there about 20 mins before the gates opened at 10am. The lines were crazy long! I couldn’t believe how many people were there before 10am. I
mecenterfieldjump.jpgheard the lady in front of us in line say the lines are shorter on the other side of the stadium. My girlfriend and I told our friends to wait in line and we will walk over and check it out. We ended up walking up to the side gate and there was a really short line that no one was in. Everyone got on the two outside lines, so we called our friends over and we got in AT&T park within a min  after the park opened.
I had no idea that I would be able to actually go on the field. I mean the field didn’t look like a baseball field cause they had a motor cross event there the weekend before, but the outfield walls were up. I was like a kid running to where the pitchers mound would be. Then ran to center field and even jumped up against the wall like if I was stealing a home run away. From there I walked over to left so I could walk around the area where Bonds played. Bonds is my favorite Giants player of all time.
After that I walked over to the home plate area. The Giants flagship station KNBR had a stage set up. They were going to be interviewing players for the radio right there. When I first walked up Damon Bruce was interviewing Barry Zito and Kevin Frandsen. One cool thing about that was it was still early so most of the fans went to the autograph lines. There wasn’t very many people by the KNBR stage at that time. I wanted to get a picture of Zito looking at the camera. I told my girlfriend to get the camera ready to snap a picture. Then when I seen Zito stop talking. I yelled as loud as I can “Zitooooooooo” and had my hands up in the air so he would see I said it. He looked right at me and smiled. The picture of this is below.

We decided to lean on the fence to listen to KNBR and people watch. The stage was still right in front of us, so we could see the different players walking on stage to be interviewed on the radio. Well the spot I leaned up was right next to a walkway to the stands/clubhouse area. I had no idea that I was so lucky when  I decided to lean there. It turns out that all the players that came on the field would come thru there. I had Will Clark walk by and even get pushed into me while he’s trying to sign autographs and walk to the KNBR stage. Other players and Giants staff that went right by me was Bengie Molina, Kevin Frandsen, Brian Wilson, Jeremy Affeldt, Jesse English, Sergio Romo, Keiichi Yabu, John Bowker, Emmanuel Burriss, Fred Lewis, Dave Roberts, Aaron Rowand, Nate Schierholtz, Brian Sabean, Bruce Bochy, Roberto Kelly, Carney Lansford, Larry Baer and Bill Neukom. I’m sure I left a few players out that past by me. Here are a few pictures below.
I got Brian Wilson and Jeremy Affeldt to pose for me.



Bengie Molina was talking to my girlfriend in this picture. Should I be mad? lol



Brian Wilson posing for me.


Me and Jeremy Affeldt snapping a quick pic.


Will the Thrill Clark seconds before he was pushed into me.



Brian Sabean walking by while I was in line for the Giants Clubhouse tour.



I will add more pics from Giants Fan Fest on future blogs, so read my next blogs to see more pics from Fan Fest at the bottom.


~King of Cali



  1. junojen

    Woo hoo! It’s letting me sign in and leave a comment. Awesome pix! Re: Bengie Molina – Should you be jealous? Heck no. Your GF is your “wingman” so to speak – to help you get up close to the players. hee hee! I have to say – that picture of Barry Zito – he looks like a Ken doll.

  2. welikeroywelikeroy

    Great pictures, especially the one of ‘The Thrill.’ I’ve always wanted to go on the field whenever I was at a baseball game. I jumped on the field once in the postgame. A security guard came right over, so I wasn’t able to enjoy it for that long. I was, however, able to buy a piece of the Jays old astroturf from Skydome.

  3. Elizabeth D

    This is SO cool! Did it hurt jumping into the outfield wall? Isn’t the outfield HUGE once you get on it? I remember when I was 10 (I think), my dad and I got to go out on the field and play catch for Father’s Day (this was at Dolphin Stadium, where the Marlins play) and I was shocked at how big it was.
    That’s so cool that you got Barry Zito to smile at you, that’s such an awesome picture– but not as awesome as the Jeremy Affldet and Brian Wilson one, that one made me laugh!

  4. raysrenegade

    The pictures are awesome.

    I used to chat with Bengie when he was with the Angels down here in right field during the team’s series every year. I miss the guy he was so pleasant to the fans.

    Great times at the Fan fest huh? Nothing better to help you signal the beginning of the season than to see players acting the fool and being so loose and ready for it all. Best time of the year in my book. Look forward to seeing more of your great pics. ( By the way, if Bengie keeps flirting with her…flirt with his beautiful wife) just kidding, that might get someone hurt.

    Rays Renegade

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