John Millers thoughts on the Giants Spring Training..

Jon Miller the Giants announcer and ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball announcer was on the radio talking about the Giants Spring Training. He said the Giants had their first inter-squad game today and it was Randy Johnson against Barry Zito. Johnson faced Buster Posey and had him in an 0-2 hole
johnmiller.pngand then Posey hits a bullet to the left center gap for a double. That was the only hit Johnson gave up in 2 innings. Zito gave up a couple singles and struck out one in 2 innings.
Miller thinks Fred Lewis is going to hit well this season. Said Lewis was playing hurt most of last season and still had a decent bat. He said the only way Lewis isn’t going to hit is if the Giants sign Manny.
Last year the Giants wanted to mix in as many Giants as possible to see what they got. This year they want to be completive and hope the good players emerge and next season they wanted to try to win the division. Miller said that if the Giants did get Manny then all of a sudden they are the favorite to win the NL West this year. He does think Manny will end up with the Dodgers as well. Manny loves the LA lifestyle. Don’t worry Giants fans there is still hope until his signing with the Dodgers is official.
~King of Cali


  1. manoman12

    King of Cali,
    I am holding a fantasy baseball mock draft on my blog in early March and I was wondering if you would like to join in on the action. Here’s a question for your mailbag: Do you think Barry Zito will rebound this season? You can leave a comment on my blog indicating if you would like to join in or not for the mock draft.
    The Manoman

  2. Jane Heller

    You guys are lucky to have Jon Miller call Giants games. I know he has his detractors, but I think he’s a good announcer, especially on the radio. As for Manny, isn’t it incredible that we’re still talking about this in late February? I really thought he’d sign by now.

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