Mannywood movie

Manny and Ned working on a contract.

Manny update – Scott Boras said Manny would except the Dodgers offer if they paid the contract and not defer money over a period of time. Sounds like this deal will be worked out soon. Manny is going to be a Dodger.


~King of Cali


  1. raysrenegade

    Do you guys really want to try and sign Manny Ramirez. I know you have had someone bigger than life before in your clubhouse, but would Manny want a leather couch instead of a Barca lounger?

    I just have a gut feeling whoever gets him will get the power and the ability to change an offense, but do you really want the drama and the games that go along with the signing.

    Scott Boras sometimes makes it seem like this is the money that will feed his clients for the rest of their lives. Come on, I know that a rookies paycheck is almost more than I make in 6 months. Manny if he did not spend all his money on his hair, would have millions packed away for his grandkids to play with…….someday

    Rays Renegade

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