Just some quick thoughts from 2 Spring Training Games…

Yankees – Astros
Russ Ortiz pitched 3 solid innings today for the Astros. He’s trying to win the 5 spot in the rotation for the Astros. He did have one bad pitch. That turned out to be a home run for Angel Berroa. I was listening to the game online and I heard a name that sounded so familiar. It was Cody Ransom. He was a Giant a while back. He never really made it big, but I was glad to hear he’s still playing. I don’t think he will make the Yankees opening day roster but he did play 33 games for them last season hitting .302.
Mike Hampton got lit up today. He gave up 4 runs on 6 hits in 2 innings. He did manage to get 2 strike outs.
Giants – Royals 
I love listening to baseball on the radio and I must say Giants fans are really lucky to have the guys we have on the radio. Today KNBR the Giants flagship station is not doing the game. I had to listen to the game with the Royals radio guys. All I can say is I feel sorry for Royals fans that have to listen to the games on the radio. These guys were just so blah. I mean I don’t want to say they were bad, but they were just so boring compared to Jon Miller, Duane Kuiper, Mike Krukow and Dave Flemming. They did make me laugh one time. One of the guys told the other one that he’s already in mid season mode (the way he was calling the game). Then the other guy says why cause of all the (Royals) errors. It just made me laugh out loud.
The Giants didn’t play that great today.  Matt Cain gave up 3 runs on 5 hits in 1.2 innings. I didn’t really get much better for any other Giants pitchers except the Giants closer Brian Wilson. He 1 inning allowing 0 runs. The Giants had 8 different pitchers in this game. Dave Roberts had an 0-3 day and still hasn’t managed to get a batting average yet this spring training. Burriss went 2-3 to to help his battle for the 2nd base job. The only other Giants player with 2 hits was Torres. The final score of the game is Royals 14 and the Giants 5.
The other Bay Area team.
The Oakland A’s have signed Orlando Cabrera to a one year deal. They signed him for $5 million less than what he was asking for this off-season. Orlando signed for $4 million. This means Bobby Crosby will no longer be the starting short stop. He will play a utility role or be traded. I was actually excited to see how Crosby would do this season. I’m sure he will have a fine season in whatever role he is playing this year. I guess this signing means Nomar might be retiring. He said last week it was the A’s or retirement.
Today in Baseball History
1927 – Babe Ruth becomes the highest paid player in major league history when the Yankees announce the Bambino will earn $70,000 per season for the next three years.
~King of Cali 


  1. kingofcali

    Okay I did some research to find this out. Babe Ruth in 1927 was paid $70,000 for 3 seasons. Thats means today he would get paid $849,425.86 for 3 seasons. This is with 1113.5% inflation. I found a site that does the inflation rates from all the way back to 1914. You plus in the price and it tells you what that would be in today’s dollars.

    ~King of Cali

  2. mlbtribefan

    One thing I have noticed is if the players continue to stay heathy at this stage, this is all you need to be concerned about. Also if a battle takes place for a #5 starter for example, then one looks for progress from start to start.

  3. Cockroach

    Ortiz has looked fantastic so far for Houston. He’s fighting a small mob for the Astros’ fifth starting spot, but I’m pulling for him to get it. He’d make a great “Comeback Player of the Year” story (or so would Hampton, for that matter).

  4. raysrenegade

    I wonder what $ 70,000 is in today’s dollars………….I would guess it is not $ 25 million.
    Did you see where he is trying to sell his Boston condo for $ 8.5 million. Guess that is his last stick-up to the Boston fans. The condo has over $ 6,000 a month in condo fees, but it does have 3 valet parking spaces.

    Rays Renegade


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