Quick thoughts on Manny signing

It’s finally over. Manny is going to be a Dodger. I’m sure most of us already knew that’s where he would end up. The Dodgers couldn’t afford to lose Manny. Manny did sign a 2 year contract but can opt out of it and become a
MannysignsLA.jpgfree agent after 1 year. This does make the Dodgers the favorite to win the NL West, but I wouldn’t say it’s going to be easy for them. They still don’t have the starting rotation that is going to blow teams away. They do need to score some runs to win some games, but they do have some good bats in their lineup.
I honestly think the Giants never wanted to sign Manny. Yeah if he fell on their lap they would have done it. The Giants feel good with what they have going into this season. I think some of the best moves the Giants made this season were the moves they didn’t make. I don’t mean Manny either. That would have been a great move. I think not signing Joe Crede was a good move. This means Pablo Sandoval would play 3rd base, and Travis Ishikawa would get his chance to play 1st base. Ishikawa has had a very nice start this spring training. He’s hitting .400 with 2 home runs and 4 RBI’s in 5 games.
Giants vs. Dodgers 12:05 pacific time.
~King of Cali


  1. raysrenegade

    My question is…………..does this make them the team to beat, or the team to watch maybe implode with Manny there the entire year.

    It will be fun to check out the N L West scoreboard this summer. I am thinking this might be a bad signing because they play your team, but it might end up being a better signing because he will not be on your roster. Guess we will have to give him 3 months and re-evaluate his “Manny-ness”

    Rays Renegade


  2. kingofcali

    This does make the Dodgers the team to beat. The division isn’t a strong division like the AL East. All the teams in the NL West are up and coming, so since the Dodgers won the division last season. They are still the team to beat with Manny in the middle of their lineup. Either way it’s a good signing. Manny Still puts up #’s even when he’s not playing 100%. Dodgers do not have a strong rotation through. Which means the Giants pitching might be able to hold them off. Question is if we can score enough runs.

    ~King of Cali

  3. dmb5354

    This is the year that I think the NL West will break the reputation of a weak division. I expect a good race between the Dodgers, Giants, Dbacks, and we can even throw the Rockies in there. I think the Dodgers are the favorite now for sure but never underestimate a great pitching staff (Giants), young talent (Dbacks), or even a team a mile higher.

  4. redbirdchatter

    I remember the Giants taking two series from the Manny-packed Dodgers at the end of last season. Dodgers definately needed Manny more, but what they could really use is some pitching. Giants seem to have the market cornered on pitching.


  5. minniesmen

    Manny did not want to go to spring training for 8 weeks. That is the bottom line. His cotract is not a whole lot different than the one offered a while ago.

  6. roundrock15

    I think the West will be pretty interesting to watch. The Giants have a solid core of young players (though I have to admit, I would have liked to have seen them make a serious run at Teixeira… that seemed like such a great fit to me back in November.)

    Then you’ve got the Dodgers, with Manny and a nice group of pitchers who may come together or may not. Arizona’s got a killer rotation, and I think Webb-Haren-Scherzer has got to be one of the four or five best tops of the rotation in the bigs. Adding Garland to the mix makes it that much better.

    If the Padres get a good year out of Baek, they could be relevant, though they probably still have too many offensive question marks. Still, Gonzalez and Giles can still hit; Kouzmanoff will have flashes, and Cliff Floyd can still be a potent bat.

    The Rockies are the Rockies… tough to tell what they’re going to be this year, but there’s potential all across the board. This should be a very exciting division to watch.

  7. fsunoles003@yahoo.com

    i saw the comment, that the dodgers needed Manny. Did anyone every wonder why everyones in spring training and Manny was sitting at home, Manny needed the Dodgers way more than the other way. Nobody else was ready to give him this kind of money and him and his super agent who aparently had other offers, when the dodgers said lets see the offers, Boras ran back and said theyll sign the 2 year deal. Mannys selfish, as a red sox fan, im glad to see him gone and hope the sawx beat the dodgers in the WS.

  8. mlbtribefan

    Go Giants! Go anyone other than Manny. The only time I say Go Manny is when I wish he would go away! I wish Manny would learn its about team! The country is in a recession but you still got your deal, so who cares? Right Manny! Its all about you and no one else. Rush says he wants Obama to fail. Well I want Manny to fail!

  9. ravingpoet

    Well, I think a lot of Giant fans are wanting Manny to disrupt the team, but as it is now and has been since he first joined them last year, the team (the players) have been very outspoken in how much they want him and what a positive influence he has been for the younger players. So, don’t hold your breath on that one.

    Also, he has every reason to stay motivated as he has the option to leave after this season, so not much to hold onto their, either.

    As far as the so-called great starting pitching for the Giants. You mean the first two spots with the young guys, right? After that you got a sore armed 45 year-old who at best will go, say, 11-11 for you (if he manages to stay off the DL) and then Barry Zito whose last couple seasons speak for themselves. So, I don’t see that as very deep.

  10. ravingpoet

    Well, Indians06, Manny has a career average of .314 with 41 hr’s and 130 rbi’s for 16 seasons. Unless he has a serious injury he will not fail, as he is truly an outstanding hitter. You should put your focus on something positive–it won’t lead to ulcers.

  11. ggaimari@gmail.com

    Good Luck out there with Manram. After hearing his “I want to play here” comments, they sounded very familiar to what we heard out east for the last 8 years. (except for whenever he wanted to be traded!). I think it was just last spring when he said he wanted to finsh his carear a Red Sox! Great hitter, but they can have him! GO SOX!

  12. jakeisaballa86

    Yes they couldnt afford to lose Manny but they DID lose Lowe and Penny. I will admit that I dont know the most about the Dodgers. But is their pitching going to be able to keep up?

  13. Cockroach

    Honestly… I think you’re right about the Giants and Manny. I believe they had casual interest in him, if the Dodgers gave up totally, but I’m pretty sure those “serious offers” from other teams (including SF) that Scott Boras kept talking about never really existed. His signing may indeed make LA the team to beat out there, but I like your Giants’ chances too; Randy Johnson was a brilliant pickup. Thanks for the comment, and best of luck to your team!

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