Quick Thoughts on Dave Roberts and A-Rod update

Quick Thoughts on Dave Roberts and A-Rod update
Today the Giants made their first big roster move. The Giants have released Dave Roberts. I have mixed feelings about the move. I like Dave Roberts as a
DaveRoberts.jpgperson and how he is a good leader in the clubhouse, but he’s just been taking up a roster space. He’s always hurt and hasn’t been the player the Giants thought they had. He was released today, since it’s still early in spring training. This is so another team can still pick him up. The Giants will have to pay his $6.5 million for this season, but any team that picks him up only has to pay the league minimum, which is $400,000. I hope a team picks him up, cause I would hate to see his career end like this.
Update– A-Rod is not going to have surgery. He’s going to try to play this season and hope he can wait till the end of this season to have surgery.
~King of Cali 


  1. Michellie

    I’m totally bummed they released Roberts! And I agree with you.. He was taking space and he was often injured, so it was the right thing to do… I do hope another team picks him up!! 🙂

  2. .

    Roberts is nice and I would not mind him at all but I don’t know if the soon-to-be 38 year old can beat out the young and fresh Daniel Murphy who has already earned the starting spot in LF. As for Alex Rodriguez, he is acting very inappropriately. He is in need of this surgery, he’s only going to be out ten weeks, if that, and he sucks in the start of the season anyway so why not do the surgery? It makes no sense. He’s just trying to do what everyone says they’re going to do when they first sign with a team and that’s to win a championship. I get he’s trying to be a “team player” but come on King of Cali !!! You know what I’m talkin’ bout…

    – Donnie

  3. junojen

    Hey there!
    I feel the same way about Dave Roberts… The guy is total class. We wouldn’t have a 2004 WS trophy if not for that man.
    Anyway – I agree with Julia. A-Rod will try to play with the torn labrum but we watched how painful it was for Mike Lowell. A-Rod won’t be able to make it to the All Star Break.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  4. juliasrants

    Hey King – Travis has a pretty good run down on the Giants and where he thinks they will finish this season. (Guess what team he thinks will win the World Series this year?? No – he ISN”T a Red Sox fan!) Check out his blog at baseballcanadiana.mlblogs.com


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