Is Japan ready for Lincecum?

Today the Giants are going to play the Japan team. Tim Lincecum is going to get the start for the Giants. Lincecum isn’t expected to pitch that many innings. The Giants want to ease his workload over the long spring. Lincecum hasn’t given up a run in seven innings so far this spring. Everyone is excited to see Ichiro Suzuki face Tim Lincecum. Tim grew up in Renton Washington so he followed the Mariners growing up and now he’s going to face Ichiro.
I finally got a chance to play the game. I only had a few mins so I just did the Home Run Derby. I can’t really say how much I like it or not yet. I still need to play a regular game so I can be Lincecum. lol
~King of Cali


  1. raysrenegade

    I can see it now today:

    Ohayo gozaimasu, ( Good Morning)
    Anata wa eigo o hanashimasu ka? ( Do you speak English?)
    Watashi no namae wa Tim Linecum. ( My name is Tim Linecum)

    The rest would be a blur of vowels and phrases I would not understand without slowing the world down. I think it will be an awesome first day of sales, and be a great barometer to the Japanese taste for our style of baseball.

    After those phrases the only one I know by heart is:
    Toire wa doko desu ka? ( Where is the Toilet?)

    Rays Renegade

  2. Kaybee

    Yeah, the Padres are going to play Team Korea today. It will be very interesting to see how our pitching stands up their hitting, and the other way around. Thankfully it’s only an exhibition game though, so it doesn’t really mean anything!

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