Giants Pablo Sandoval – Injured

In yesterday’s game in the 5th inning against the Cubs. Giants 3rd baseman
PabloSandoval.jpgPablo Sandoval
took a bad hop groundball off the face. Then ball hit him in the mouth. Sandoval tried to backhand the ball. The ball hit him right in the face, drawing blood. It turns out the ball hit him in the mouth and chipped a tooth. Sandoval does wear braces so his lips got stuck in his braces. The Giants trainers had to pull his lips out of his braces and then they rushed him to a dentist. There hasn’t been any other updates, but he’s expected to sit out a few games. Sandoval is the projected starting 3rd baseman for the Giants. He has had a great spring. He’s hitting .450 with 2 home runs, 6 RBI’s, 18 hits in 40 AB’s. Giants fans are really excited to have him in the line up for a full season. Last year we got to see what he can do in 41 games. He hit .345, with 3 home runs, 24 RBI’s, 50 hits in 145 AB’s.
~ King of Cali


  1. redbirdchatter

    OMG! Poor Pablo. In a softball game, I saw the same thing happen (braces and all) to the shortstop. I was playing 2nd and got a better look at the whole thing than I would have liked. Very grusome. I remembered why I didn’t pursue a career in the medical field. I think he was back playing in a few days, but wore some sort of mouth piece.

  2. kingofcali


    It’s funny that you just told me this story. A while back I was at a softball practice and my friend hit me a nice slow ground ball and I went down to get it and it took a bad hop. The ball hit me right in my mouth/nose. Blood started gushing out and I had a fat lip and scraped up nose for a while. lol I played short at the time and was really good, but after that I was scared of getting hit in the face. I had to start playing with a mouth piece. Took me a long time to get over getting hit in the face. At first I didn’t want to get infront of any ground ball. Just the thought of getting teeth knocked out scared me.

    ~ King of Cali

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