KNBR Interview with Emmanuel Burriss recap

I listened to an interview the other day on KNBR the Giants flagship station. Murph and Mac were interviewing Emmanuel Burriss. Emmanuel Burriss is a
burriss09spring.jpgswitch hitter. He’s a little more athletic than Kevin Frandsen and Burriss can also play short too. The Giants did want him to be the everyday shortstop but he was making some errors, so they decided to go out and get Edgar Renteria. Burriss is now fighting for the 2nd base job with Kevin Frandsen.
Burriss started late at switch hitting. He started in college. He’s been trying to get stronger from the left side. It’s his primary focus to be consistent from the left side this year. He hopes to steal some bases this year if he plays full time.
When asked about the 2nd base battle with Frandsen. Burriss said Kevin and him are good friends and hang out a bunch. They both push each other very hard to help each other. Just to make themselves better and help the team. Burriss came up as a short stop but the Giants moved him to 2nd base. One of his favorite players growing up was Roberto Alomar. Burriss grew up a fan of the Braves, Orioles and liked the Giants cause his dad liked the Giants. Emmanuel Burriss father was a big fan of Willie Mays and Willie McCovey. Burriss introduced his dad to McCovey and said that’s the first time he seen his dad act like a little kid.
~King of Cali


  1. kingofcali


    I really like Burriss and Frandsen. I think Frandsen is the better hitter, but Burriss has more of a upside. Burriss has speed and is a switch hitter. He also is having a good spring so far. He’s hitting better than Frandsen too right now. I think He will end up with the starting role but I’m sure Frandsen will see a lot of time at 2nd this year too. I think Burriss will hit some slumps and that’s when Frandsen will get his chances.

    ~King of Cali

  2. Greg

    If he ends up being half the player Roberto Alomar was, then Burriss is going to have a nice career. Alomar was one of my favorites too. He was so slick and smooth at the 2nd position, with so much range.

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