Giants Spring Training Pics and Today in Baseball History!

I was talking to a friend of mine at work. He was telling me he was going to the Giants Spring Training. I told him to try to snap a few pics for me. He came back and told me he didn’t take many pics but sent me what he did have. He was telling me it was a blast. They sat 3 rows behind the visitors dugout. Next year I need to plan it way in advance, so I can be sure to go. I keep saying I’m going to go but something always comes up. No excuses next year.
Pablo Sandoval and Edgar Renteria at 3rd and short.

PabloABspring.JPGPablo Sandoval getting ready to rake a pitch. 

TravisIshikawaSpring.JPGTravis Ishikawa looking at a pitch that he doesn’t offer at. 
Today in Baseball History
1974 – The Red Sox release future Hall of Famers Orlando Cepeda (1999) and Luis Aparicio (1984).
~ King of Cali


  1. carpie19

    I’m hoping to see some pics from my cousin soon. She’s going to the Brewers-Giants game on Sunday. I’m way super jealous, but it’s easy when you live 10 minutes from Scottsdale Stadium. (She says she’ll bring my spirit along with her!) And, naturally, we both hope your team goes down. Sorry.

  2. Charlie

    Thanks for the comment!

    That’s funny, guess where I was yesterday….
    Scottsdale Stadium for the Cubs-Giants matchup.
    The center field burm seats were terribly crowded,
    so I left early, but Zito looked very good.

    Check out my blog once I get a few more posts up:


  3. raysrenegade

    Wow, on today;s date two future Hall of Famers got released.
    You learn something new every day. that was a wild factoid for today.
    I love the Tiki Bar in the outfield. I am getting the feeling it is a prerequisite in Spring Training ballparks now. Great pictures.

    Rays Renegade

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