Burriss wins the 2nd Base Job

This was just released today. Emmanuel Burriss has won the 2nd base job. Kevin Frandsen has been option to Triple-A Fresno. I don’t think anyone really seen this coming. I mean it was starting to become obvious that Burriss would win the job, but no one expected Frandsen to be sent down. It seemed like the loser of the battle would be coming off the bench. Some people think this may be the end of Frandsen with the Giants.
Hot hitting Jesus Guzman was also sent down as well. The Giants just don’t have a spot for him right now. He needs to work on his defense before they can find a spot for him. They are hoping he can go down to Triple-A and continue to hit like he has but also work on his feet work and develop defensively.
~ King of Cali


  1. popejonash

    Are there any problems with guaranteed contracts in San Fran? I know the Mets will probably hold on to Marlon Anderson at the expense of a hot spring hitter just because they don’t want to eat up Anderson’s contract and have him playing AAA ball. It’s a bit of a shame because guys like Evans and Kielty have seemed pretty good this spring.Ashhttp://ashleymarshall.mlblogs.com

  2. kingofcali


    The Giants earlier this spring released Dave Roberts. They still have to pay him 6 Million for this season. This is so they can free up a spot for one of the young guys to make the team.

    ~ King of Cali

  3. popejonash

    That’s a big chunk of change to just lose, but I kinda respect the club for being able to cut their ties with a guy to take the team in a new direction with a longer-term plan. Burriss won’t hit for ANY power, but he has above average speed and never ever strikes out. If he could get his walks up a bit more and turn a few ground balls into extra base hits he could be dangerous. Where will he be batting in the order?Ashhttp://ashleymarshall.mlblogs.com

  4. kingofcali

    Burriss will be batting 8th right before the pitcher. I’m sure if Renteria has a day off. Burriss may hit 2nd for that day but he will in the 8th spot for the most part.

    ~ King of Cali

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