Should The Giants Snag Sheffield?

I have been thinking if the Giants should go out and get Gary Sheffield. They would only have to pay him $400,000. The Tigers will have to pay him his $14 Million for this year. He would be a good bat to put in the middle of the
garysheffield.jpglineup. He might not be able to play everyday which would be fine to get other guys playing time. I’m just not sure who I would sit down to get him in the game. Randy Winn is the most consistent player we have had. Aaron Rowand plays center and the Giants want Fred Lewis in left. I think I might just keep moving Winn around and whatever outfielder gets a day off that’s where I would put Winn. I’m still not sold on if I were the Giants if I would do it. It’s just hard to pass up on a power bat like Sheffield’s that’s available for only $400,000. I’m sure he will be signed soon. Just not sure what team will jump out there and snag him.
~ King of Cali


  1. raysrenegade

    I honestly feel that all 29 teams are thinking if he is worth a $ 400,000 wager. I actually would have contacted his agent if I was a GM. What have you got to lose here with just chatting for a bit and seeing what he wants in return.
    Seriously, I think he will go to a AL team in case there is a difference of opinion as to his ” worthiness” to play in the outfield.
    But most teams have already settles on that position…….I think?
    He would be impressive on anyone’s roster. He is one of those guys who can protect a big bat becuase he can still steal bases and get walks.

    Rays Renegade

  2. crzblue2

    I think the Giants should snag him. His next HR will be #500 and besides he would love to get a chance to beat the Dodgers!
    BTW KofC, I know I will miss not seeing Jeff Kent but are you all going to miss boeing him in San Francisco? . He sure did well against the Giants 🙂

  3. kingofcali

    When Kent was a Giant. I didn’t like him much at the end of his stay here. He was pretty outspoken. He didn’t get along with my fav. Giants player….BARRY BONDS. I was glad to see him leave. He was a very good player and he always seem to be clutch against the Giants. Emma I can’t wait for you to come to AT&T park so I can boo you. lol jk Go Giants!

    ~ King of Cali

  4. sjbravos

    I honestly don’t think the Giants should take Sheffield. He’s old and is not very productive anymore. The Giants need to focus on using younger players. I think Freddy Lewis is going to have a great year this year and should be in the line-up every day. I think the Giants should stick with a consistent line-up. As a season ticket holder I would love to see Freddy, Rowand, and Winn in the outfield every day.


  5. mptalk

    I really don’t see him getting on offer from the Giants. I like th outfield the way it is in San Fran. Sheffield is more of a DH type guy. Good luck to the Giants this year, April Fools, Haha just kiddin
    Monument Park Talk
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 days til opening night (If I’m right)

  6. mlbtribefan

    I don’t think Sheff has anything but a DH in him but I thought that about Bonds too.


  7. crzblue2

    Two of my friends that participated in the prior WIN events, we were talking at Camelback Ranch that we miss Jeff Kent. He could not have been nicer to us during his years with the Dodgers. You know, Kent knew * (asterisk) was doing steroids but he never said anything. Like he said in his press conference “I saw it all around me but what could I do? I am embarrased by the whole steroid…I could only work harder to compete.”
    I will be in San Francisco later on this year! We’ve been booed before. For the All-Star game at San Francisco, a friend and I went to the Fan-Fest and then we watched the game from the bar outside of the ballpark. We were booed mercilessly there by Giant fans and they were also boeing Russell when he came to bat. What was up with that? We were in the same team! On the other hand I saw Red Sox fans cheering for Yankee players and Yankee fans cheering for Red Sox players. They were high-fiving each other!
    Emma _bleeding Dodger Blue!

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