2007 Home Run Derby Pictures…

I have never posted a blog about this, but I did go to the Home Run Derby when it was at AT&T Park. I just wish I would have took more pictures. The battery died on the camera so I knew I only had a few pictures in it. It really was a cool experience to see all the booths and stuff they had set up outside of the stadium. Right when I walked in the stadium I went straight to the field. The National League team was having batting practice and the American League team was starting to stretch out in front of me. I got a couple pictures of some of them up close. It was just really cool to see all these players from different teams up close. These players seemed so loose and were just joking around. You knew they were all having a blast.













Here is a couple of pictures from my seat view. I never sat this high before but these were the only tickets I could find for the Home Run Derby.






DSC00521.JPGThe winner of the 2007 Home Rub Derby was big, bad Vladimir Guerrero from the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. 


~ King of Cali


  1. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    I wanted to go to that sooooo bad, but I couldn’t afford tickets. I did work FanFest, so I got to go play in that whenever I wanted in exchange for 4 hours a day for two days of telling people how to properly fill out the piece of paper for the back of their baseball card with their picture. And several people messed it up even though I gave brilliant directions and had to get back in line for another hour or so to get it right.

  2. nwest33

    Those a great fan pics…it’s a dream of mine to go to a HR derby or a Fanfest for that matter…next time it comes to Mil hopefully, if it ever does. Lincecum vs. Suppan….let’s just say, I’m looking at the games after that one and I’d be surprised of a Mil win.


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