My 100th Blog Happens To Land On My B-Day!

Okay well I just wanted to start off by letting everyone know that this is my 100th blog that I have posted, and today is also my B-day. It’s like a double shot of love. lol That’s was a reality show on MTV incase you didn’t get that. lol I wasn’t sure what to really write about for my 100th blog. I know my Giants play tonight against the Brewers and we have Randy Johnson on the mound. That game starts at 7:15, so I know no matter what I’m doing I will be by a TV at that time. I was really planning on taking it easy tonight, cause tomorrow I’m going out to dinner/drinks then going to the Tank to see the Sharks game.


Well since no one really knows much about the people’s blogs they read. I have decided to tell you guys a little about me. It all started when I was a twinkle in my dad’s eyes.  lol jk Okay well here is something about me. I love

me_swinging_redding.JPGto watch/talk about sports. I love my Warriors, Sharks and Giants. I follow the A’s but can’t say I love them. They messed that up by sweeping us in the 89 World Series. lol I play softball on a tournament team. We do a little traveling but nothing to far from home unless it’s a big tourney. Softball/baseball is my passion. I love being out there on the field and at the plate taking my swings. Well I don’t play baseball anymore. Ever since my community college stint ended, so did my baseball career. I do play softball on Friday nights in a league and tourney’s like twice a month. I know when people think of softball they think it’s so easy and blah blah, but it’s really not. We play in a competitive league/tourney’s. Pitchers are trying to fake you out before they even pitch. This past weekend I played in Manteca Ca. at a place called Big League Dreams. I have played there a ton of times, but just thought I would share it with you guys incase you haven’t heard of it. Each field is a replica of a major league field. Our first game was the Fenway Park replica. Guys were hitting it off the Monster.


I started this blog because I love to talk Baseball and don’t always have someone to talk about it with. None of my friends love the game as much as I do. I can sit with a complete stranger and talk about any team. I love my Giants, but I follow every team. Not just the Giants. I really wish I would have went to school to do something with baseball. Anyways I found this blog on and decided to try it out. Then I started to read other blogs and have little conversations here and there with other people posting blogs. That’s why I decided to keep it going and look where I am…. #100 blog. lol


I think I have pretty much been rambling during this whole blog. Just wanted to share with people who I am, so I’m just not a title you see “King of Cali”. I do plan to keep this blog going for a little while longer, so I will share some photos and thoughts about baseball/ Giants baseball throughout the baseball season.


~ King of Cali (Steven)


  1. juliasrants

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVEN!!!!!!! And please don’t tell me that you’re another fan of the San Jose Sharks! lol! (Sorry – but my Bruins are going to beat you if we meet in the Stanley Cup!) And don’t worry about rambling – we all do that! I hope you have a great birthday and make sure you keep us updated on how your softball team is doing!


  2. Jane Heller

    What a great combo – your birthday and your 100th blog post! Congrats on both counts. I hope the Unit comes through for you and the Giants tonight. Thanks for sharing about your life and background and passion for baseball.

  3. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    Happy birthday! Thank you for sharing about yourself. I love learning about bloggers. Here’s hoping the Giants win for you, and have fun at the Sharks game tomorrow. A couple of my friends have season tickets, and they’re trying to teach me the game. It’d be easier to learn if they ever showed hockey in San Diego!

  4. crzblue2

    Sorry that Randy did not get the memo that it was your bday! I hope Randy does not get the memo on Monday 🙂 Really, I hope your had a nice birthday (minus the loss) Contrats on #100!!
    Bleeding Dodger Blue!

  5. scofid

    Happy Belated Birthday, Steven! Sorry the Giants couldn’t deliver on your birthday. Congrats on the 100th blog! By the way, I share your passion for the Sharks. This has been a great year for them…so far.


  6. nwest33

    Hey man, Happy Birthday…too bad RJ couldn’t get it done. Good game last night, it could have gone either way, but the rubber match will be a good one. I see you were a JuCo player as well. I played at a JuCo as well, but I’m still playing summer hardball. Can’t give it up, hope I can play till I’m 50.

  7. .

    You weren’t rambling at all my brotha! Touching moments call for any occasion, even sitting at home, waiting to go to work to watch the Mets game. That last paragraph was kinda deep though lol. Reveling, (for the first time?) your REAL identity as, “Steven.” How touching. Congratulations on your 100th post! AND, Happy Birthday!! Good luck this season man! Lincecum will reign as the NL Cy Young winner again this season. No doubt. Peace King!

    – Donnie

  8. raysrenegade

    First then Jen has their 100th blogs in the same week. I am thinking we have some really great writers to post so much in so little time.
    Congrats on the 100th, and Congrats on the big day too.
    Both need to be celebrated in style and class……..If you are at a game, that would be a beer and a brat/dog.

    Rays Renegade

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