Long Easter Weekend – Giants/Dodgers Today!

Okay now I don’t know if the series with the Padres got me frustrated or if it was the Easter Bunny forgetting to bring me a basket. lol jk The Giants started the season off playing great ball against the Brewers. Then they go to San Diego for the weekend and get swept. Seems like the Giants may have went into San Diego a little to relaxed. I’m sure they thought they would go in there and at least take 2 out of 3 games since the Padres on paper should be at the bottom of the NL West. The Giants did hit and the Giants played pretty poor “D”. I know it’s still early in the season and maybe that jab to the chin by the Padres will wake these Giants up. They have their work cut out for them now starting a series with the hated Dodgers.
Giants face the Dodgers today in the Dodgers home opener. We have Randy Johnson on the mound today and hopefully he can be a stopper and turn this streak around. Johnson has never lost a game at Dodgers Stadium. He has a tough task ahead of him, cause you know the Dodgers do not want to lose a home opener to the Giants. It’s a day game for us on the West Coast. Which means I’m going to turn on my MLB Radio to hear the game at 1pm Pacific Time. Lucky Dodgers don’t have to worry about Lincecum. Wait… I’m not sure if they’re lucky or if we’re lucky????  lol Lincecum looks like he still haven’t found his grove. He let the Padres smack him around on Easter Sunday. Maybe he wasn’t on his game cause the Easter Bunny didn’t leave him a basket in his hotel room in San Diego.
~ King of Cali


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