Zito Tosses 7 Scoreless Innings, Giants Win in 10!

The Giants have been getting some great starting pitching and Zito follows up with some good pitching as well. Zito pitches 7 scorless innings and the Giants just can’t get any run support for him.  Chris Young also was pitching very well for the Padres. 
Jeremy Affeldt comes in to pitch the 8th inning and does allow a runner to get to 3rd base, but does strike out Adrian Gonzalez to end the inning.
Brian Wilson comes in the 9th inning trying to keep the Padres scoreless so they Giants can try to win it in the bottom of the 9th inning.  Wilson only gives up a single, so the Giants head to the bottom of the 9th inning. Just  needing 1 run to win the game.  The Giants do not score and the game goes to extra innings. Wilson ends up pitching 2 scoreless innings. The game is now in the bottom of the 10th inning. Andres Torres gets a single to right field and steals 2nd base. Giants have the winning run on 2nd base with 1 out. Eugenio Velez strikes out and the Padres intentionally walk Fred Lewis, so the Giants bring in Bengie Molina to pinch hit. Bengie hits a 2 out Pinch Hit ground rule double to win the game for the Giants. The Giants sweep the 2 game series with the Padres and have now won 3 games in a row.
Great pitching by both teams today. The Giants starting rotation has been great in the last 5 starts. This team just needs to figure out a way to score more runs. Zito had a great outing and he won’t get the win, but he did his job keeping the Giants in the game.  
~ King of Cali


  1. Amazin86er

    Whether it was against the weak hitting Padres, who am I to say since they took 2 of 3 from my Mets, or not it was good to see Zito have a solid outing. If you so wish to, stop by and participate in my daily baseball trivia to earn points towards the challenge of being crowned “The 1 Constant Baseball Trivia Guru” for 2009 and a small baseball related gift/prize.

  2. mattpeas

    It’s amazing how greatness steams from starting pitching. The pirates wouldn’t have gotten off to their fast start without effective outings from the pitchers. Zito reminds me alotof zach duke. After a dismal season they both really turning it on this year.


  3. jewsonfirst and http://brooksrobinsonrules.mlblogs.com/

    Nice to see Zito pitch so well!! I follow him on Twitter and left him a message of congratulations.

  4. crazysfgiantsgirl

    That was a really great game! The entire homestand had superb pitching from our starting five, what we were expecting when the season started. I really hope they can continue their dominance on the road. And the way Zito’s been pitching when Sandoval catches, I would love to see Pablo catch Zito more often.

    I’m sorry, but I believe you are mistaken in saying that Jeremy Affeldt allowed a runner to get to 3rd base. Bob Howry allowed a ground rule double to Scott Hairston, who was moved over to third by Eckstein’s bunt. Affeldt came in and struck out the only two batters he faced.
    P.S. Nice blog 🙂

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