Thoughts Of The Giants So Far….

Tonight the Giants will be on the road in Arizona to face the D-Backs. Giants are 6-2 at home and I don’t think they really want to leave home. That’s where they are getting their wins. They are 0-6 on the road. Giants have a great pitching staff and AT&T Park is a great place to pitch. Last road trip the Giants didn’t have good at bats. Giants need to get better at the plate on this road trip. Fred Lewis isn’t a leadoff hitter but the Giants have been putting him there cause he gets on base a lot. The problem is he has been striking out a lot. He would be a better #5 hitter. I still like him in the lineup. I just think they need to move him out of the leadoff spot. If position players continue to struggle. Bochy isn’t going to sit back and just let them struggle. The Giants have options to get other players in the lineup. I know Bochy wants to get Schierholtz in the game and even Andres Torres.
Zito is coming off a great start. The Giants are thinking they might need to have Sandoval catch Zito’s games. They seem to have some good games together. Zito has pitched good this spring. I’m sure he’s going to have a good season.

Thumbnail image for Wilsonposing.jpgBrian Wilson posing for a picture when he was walking by me at Giants FanFest 
Side Notes
I must say I was happy this morning when I checked my email and seen that Brian Wilson added me on twitter. He only has a few people that he follows and has tons of people that follow him. I wonder what made him decide to follow me. I’m just hoping he will ready my blog and maybe let me interview him.
~ King of Cali


  1. crazysfgiantsgirl

    Love the pic of Brian Wilson! And hey, look, it’s Carlos! 😀 And ditto Julia, congrats on the follow! I would love to see you get an interview with Brian Wilson too! I think, coming off a three-game winning streak, and just having won a series against the Diamondbacks, they have enough confidence to win in Arizona. And, hey, with the hot AZ weather that I’m sure Renteria will love, maybe he’ll provide more offense, too! It’s so weird with the super short homestands and roadtrips so far… o.O but they’ll be back home before they know it. 🙂 Yeah, I was thinking the same thing about Pablo and Zito. And Zito definitely looks better this year than in the past two years. I am so excited about this season that has only just begun!

  2. raysrenegade

    Are we going to hear about a Brian Wilson stalking case where he was stalking the King of Cali.
    He might know about you recent blogging lastest leader surge, or maybe he finally figured out who is the true media mogul in town………….King of Cali.

    Awesome you got the 411 with Brian on your Twitter account. Now all you need is Barry Zito and Bengie Molina and you could have any 411 info you will every need………….can you say monopoly!

    Rays Renegade

  3. americansoldier

    Hey, Congrats on the Brian Wilson photo, and follow-up from him – I really hope you get that interview, too.

    Take care – Good luck to the Giants!

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