Giants & Manny Thoughts!

Randy Johnson has a trend going on. He has a great outing then a bad one. It’s been like that since the start of the season. He has been pitching really well at home, so good news Giants fans. Johnson’s next 2 starts will be at home. =)
You would think that playing in Colorado would jump start a teams offense. Not for the Giants! They can’t even score runs there. They have another game there today, so lets see what happens. We need to win this game to get a 2 game split with the Rockies. The Giants have Matt Cain on the mound.
Up Next
After today’s game the Giants will fly to Los Angeles to face the Manny-less Dodgers. The Giants got a early Christmas gift today. When they woke up to
mannyramirezparty.jpgnews saying Manny is suspended for 50 games starting today. This should help the Dodgers come back down to earth after their hotttt start. Man having Manny out is going to really hurt my Fantasy team! =( Oh well as long as my Giants catch up and take the lead in the division. =) 
Even Barry Zito has a tweet about Manny. “Manny’s gone for 50 games. Time for the Giants to capitalize.” Zito gets the start tomorrow night against the Dodgers. Go Giants!
Now Manny has more time to party with his fans… lol
~ King of Cali


  1. sfgyrosfan

    I guess when the Giants get to Los Angeles this weekend… Manny WON’T be Manny!!! Haha ;=]

  2. East Coast Dodger

    I don’t think you can make it up bro. Will be interesting to see what happens tonight in the first game sans Manny.

  3. crzblue2

    There is more to the Dodgers than Manny! I am still very excited about Ethier, Kemp, O-Dog and Loney. Cannot forget about Russell & Blake and also our pitching even with Kuroda on the DL. Loretta & Ausmus off the bench have been great. Then there is the Magic Castle that is Dodger Stadium
    Emma _bleeding Dodger blue

  4. popejonash

    Emma’s right, the Dodgers have so many more weapons than Manny. It will hit them, but not to the extend where they will suddenly collapse. I hope your Giants make the most of it while he’s gone. But I still can’t help laughing about the whole situation. It’s definitely a new type of banned ‘performance enhancing’ drug. The only thing funnier is that Manny has been ousted for not being able to get it up. Ash

  5. crazysfgiantsgirl

    When I first heard about Manny, I thought it was a joke. Went online to confirm, found out it was true… and I went crazy. THIS IS GREAT NEWS FOR THE GIANTS! AND LOOK THE DODGERS JUST GOT BEAT AT HOME FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS SEASON BY THE WORST TEAM IN BASEBALL!! LOL!!!
    Eeew, you have Manny on your fantasy team?! lol

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