Quick Random Thoughts

The Giants got the win with Tim Lincecum on the mound. They have won the first 2 games of the 3 game series with the Braves. Giants fans get your brooms out, cause I’m feeling a series sweep with Randy Johnson on the mound today. This would be the first sweep over the Braves since 2003.
Sandoval will be back in the everyday lineup on Friday against the Cardinals. He will be playing 1st base, so he won’t have to throw as much.
Giants are thinking about making a move for a bat sooner then the trading deadline. Rumors have them linked to Dan Uggla from the Marlins and Nick Johnson from the Nationals right now.


  1. redbirdchatter

    Cardinals and Giants are having the same joys and concerns: great pitching, quiet bats. Could make for an interesting series this weekend

    I am headed to San Francisco for the series tomorrow and very excited to see the city, the park and my two favorite teams. If you are near the ballpark this weekend, give me a shout. I’ll buy you a beer….if the Cardinals lose. ; )

  2. bigpapi72

    Well you could go either way with Johnson and Uggla. Uggla is a terrible fielder but has the better bat and I say that some Marlin front office people think their still in it. But since you said they want a bat they should get Uggla. However I think they will get Nick.

    Bob, http://bostonsports.mlblogs.com

  3. Elizabeth D

    Hey Steven,
    Though I don’t really keep up with the Giants that much, I do remember Lincecum getting off to a shaky start (to the season). Glad to see he’s back on track and among the league leaders for strikeouts! Giants play the Marlins this weekend– I would go, but I’ll be in Boston!

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