All The Latest SF Giants Rumors

Hey Giants fans,


Well the season is over for us and it was a good year for us even though we didn’t make the playoffs. No one thought we would be this close at the end of the season. The Giants did win 88 games this year. The Dodgers last year won the NL West with 84 wins. The pitching was there all season. It was just the big hits that were lacking. To find out all the latest SF Giants Rumors go to


~King of Cali


  1. raysrenegade

    Sorry I hate those websites.
    Would rather hear your takes on rumors, news and the special thing that makes you our favorite Giants fan who also tends to write about it all.
    Hope you do not slow down to a crawl this off season, there is so much brewing over there with the Benjie Molina situation, the arbitration of “The Freak” and of course, the maturation process of Brian Wilson.
    Okay Cali, we know you love to write, so you got 180+ days until we play for real again to tease, please and totally amaze all of us….

    Rays Renegade

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