Thoughts on Big Bad Vlad

I have received emails from a lot of Giants fans. Asking me what I thought about different players that could be options for the Giants.


I was asked what I thought about the Giants going after Vladimir Guerrero. He has since signed with the Texas Rangers. Big bad Vlad wouldn’t have worked in San Francisco. He would need to stay in the American League as a DH. Vlad did battle some injuries, but when he was in the lineup he could still swing it. He hit .295 in 100 games. His homers were down to 15 this year. Which has been his lowest since 1997 when he played 90 games that year for the Montreal Expos.


Vlad can’t play the outfield. That’s the main reason he needs to stay in the AL. He just needs to focus on swinging the bat, and keeping himself healthy if he wants to stay around the game longer. I have no doubt that he can still swing it. It’s just his time has come and gone for playing right field.


If you’re looking for more of the San Francisco Giants Rumors. Don’t forget to go check out the SF Giants Rumors site.


~King of Cali

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  1. sfgyrosfan

    I like this signing, KoC. The price is right and Aubrey should be hungry enough to prove he deserves more $$$ in 2011. If either he or Mark DeRosa has a stand out year, it may improve the Giants’ per-game run average to around 4 which, as we discovered last year, is the magic number we needed to score to gain a 60%+ victory percentage.

  2. sfgyrosfan

    Ooops, I meant the Aubrey Huff signing, not the mad Vlad signing… although it would have been very entertaining to watch Guerrero try and play AT&T’s tricky outfield this season!

  3. angelsgirl012

    I’m gonna miss Vladdy being on the Angels. I wish him the best of luck but very scared because Vladdy is in TEXAS. Geez I predict a monster year for him! He is very deserving of that though 🙂

    great blog!

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