SF Giants Rumors – Zito Has Rust, Posey Back on a Bus

The Giants have three more games to go before they season starts. Last night Barry Zito got lit up by his former team the Oakland Athletics. I didn’t care if the Giants won or lost. The only thing I wanted out of that game was for Zito to pitch a decent game. Now that he got rocked. I’m sure his head isn’t right, and he won’t be as confident as he takes the mound in Houston.


Buster Posey is more than likely to start the season in Fresno. It hasn’t been announced as of yet, but he would lose a lot of AB’s at the start of the season if he made the 25 man roster. The Posey era is on hold for now.


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~King of Cali


  1. sfgyrosfan

    Barry never pitches well against his former team (he said while whistling past the graveyard:-). Also, I heard opined on KNBR that the Giants don’t want to excelerate Buster’s arbitration-elligable year by adding him to the 25-man roster now (much like what happened when Tim Lincecum was promoted in May of 2007 which made him arb-elligable this year. If they waited a few weeks to debut him in June of 2007, Timmy would still be earning peanuts this year… instead of caviar!)

  2. sfgyrosfan

    Oh, I see you already covered the Posey-arbitration angle in you SF Giants Rumors blog, KoC. Nevermind…

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