Hot Start For Zito, Romo Redeems Himself, Brooms Are Out!

The San Francisco Giants have managed to win another series in this early season. We did lose two series this year and they were on our horible road trip to LA and San Diego. Ever since then the Giants have been playing some great ball. Our starting pitching has been close to perfect. Barry Zito is off to his best start ever! Romo gave up a blast to Manny Ramirez and Dan Uggla that he couldn’t seem to shake till last night. I actually have a post up about my Thoughts on Sergio Romo. Check that out….some good stuff! Every die hard baseball/Giants fans needs to check out SF Giants Rumors! It’s updated with Rumors, News, Insights…ect!


Giants take the field tonight looking to sweep the Florida Marlins. Matt (Shotgun) Cain will try to end the trip to Florida in grand style!


King of Cali (Steven)


One comment

  1. raysrenegade

    Got to say the G-men came across the country and fried those pesky Marlins so far.
    From “Timmy” to the Zito the Giants thought they were getting when they signed him, to Romo-roboto Arigato.
    Got to say, being one of the top 2 MLB teams with a pitching staff holding an ERA under 2.59, you guys are mighty scary right now.
    Maybe it is the “HuffDaddy”(Aubrey Huff) factor…or the Summer release of King Fu Panda 2, the return of the Giants.

    Rays Renegade

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