Beltran to the Giants Thoughts

The San Francisco Giants made a statement this week by trading for Carlos Beltran and taking 2-out-of-3 from the Phillies.

Beltran’s bat is legit. This guy can hit in the middle of the lineup for any team. I really believed he was the Giants guy for the taking. The only problem was who were they going to be willing to part with.

If you thought Beltran was headed to the Phillies or Braves, you were way off! There was no way the Mets were going to trade him to a team in their division. That’s like the Giants trading Pablo Sandoval to the Dodgers or the Red Sox trading Big Papi (David Ortiz) to the Yankees. Just not gonna happen…

Even if the Mets got a wild hair in their nose and decided to trade him in the nl East, it’s a good thing the Giants snagged Beltran before he got a chance to throw on a Phillies or Mets jersey.

~King of Cali (Steven)
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