Giants 8-2-11 vs D-backs

The San Francisco Giants look to snap their 4 game losing streak tonight against the 2nd place Diamondbacks.

Giants starting lineup is Ross CF, Keppinger 2B, Beltran RF, Sandoval 3B, Huff 1B, Scheirholtz LF, Stewart C and Lincecum P.

King of Cali
SF Giants Rumors

One comment

  1. JOHN C DUMITRU (@deepspacesurfer)

    (Sunday, Bottom of the Seventh…) watching the close throws to get Phills guys out at 1st, reminds me of a recurring question: was 90 ft chosen as the length between bases because it is just the length a runner can travel with an infield grounder, to make it close? Is this ancient history? thx, JD

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