My Giants Thoughts 8/17/11

The sun is out (not really it’s night time), the birds are chirping (kids yelling in the background). Life is great again in Giantsland!! The G-Men gained ground in the Wild Card race by beating the Atlanta Braves. They also gained ground in the NL West, as the Diamondbacks lost to the Phillies.

Giants players are still hurt and are taking numbers just to get on the DL list. Brian Wilson has inflammation in his elbow, and will be out a couple days. That’s better than a trip to the DL right?

Carlos Beltran is on the DL, but he still has time to come back and do some Van-damage! The Giants are just 2 1/2 back with all these injuries. Start getting a couple of these guys back and it’s going to be a boost that this team needs.

These guys still have some swagger in their step and know their pitching staff can be lights out. They just have to limp their way in the playoffs and let the chips fall where they may once their in.

King of Cali
SF Giants Rumors

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