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Giants/Dodgers =(

Okay so I’m pumped to listen to the Giants and Dodgers game today. It’s the Dodgers home opener, so I would love for my Giants to take this game from them. I have my Dodgers friends texting me “Go Dodgers!”. I rushed back from the gym to start the MLB Radio. It’s just about game time. I hear the announcers….. then the radio cuts out! I tried to refresh and sign in and out and nothing! I wasn’t able to get back on to the MLB radio till the top of the 2nd inning.
The Dodgers get on the board in the bottom of the 3rd. Orlando Hudson hits a solo home run. Manny Ramirez then doubles off Johnson. That’s all the Dodgers would get that inning. The Giants did answer back in the top of the 4th inning. Bengie Molina hit a double and scored on a Travis Ishikawa single.
Andre Ethier hit a solo home run off of Randy Johnson. This year so far all of the runs Johnson has given up have been by home runs. He gave up two in his first game against the Brewers and two today against the Dodgers so far. Well I guess I jinxed them, cause they got two more guys on and Rafael Furcal hit a 2 run single. The Dodgers end up getting one more run off of Johnson. Johnson leaves the game in the bottom of the 4th inning with bases loaded. Merkin Valdez comes in to face Martin with bases loaded and Martin his a 2 run single off of him. Score is now 7-1 Dodgers. Oh mannnnnn we (Giants) suck! lol
In the bottom of the 6th inning Orlando Hudson hit a triple, and that gives him the cycle. He’s the first Dodger in 39 years to hit for one, and it’s also the first cycle ever hit at Dodgers Stadium. Okay so about 2 mins after Hudson hits for the cycle and Ramirez walks my friend (Giants fan) texts me “Giants Suck!”. I just text back no sh*t! lol Man I really want to turn this game off and just wait till Wed. when they play again. The only reason I’m not is cause I have some guys on my fantasy team from both teams. Just an FYI my Dodgers players are doing good for my fantasy team. lol Another fyi – Every Dodgers starter has a hit today and Hudson has 4 of them. I’m just hoping the Dodgers use all their hits for the series today. =)
Well I usually leave a Giants Highlights section, but there isn’t any, so I feel sorry for anybody who has a Giants player on their Fantasy team. Here is good news. If you have a Giants starting pitcher on your Fantasy team. Then they didn’t get smacked around today, but you might want to check the box score when it’s their turn to pitch. lol
Man I sound really bitter in this blog. I’m not…well kind of. Just sucks that were playing so bad. I know… I know there is still tons of games left. Okay so as I was writing that last sentence I got good news/bad news. The bad news is the Dodgers hit a 3 run home run to make the score 11-1 now. The good news is my Fantasy got Andre Either hit it and that’s his 2nd home run of the game. lol I guess you  have to take the good with the bad huh? lol
Well the game that would never end has finally ended. The Dodgers bent the Giants over and spanked them for 11 runs. Dodgers win 11-1 over the Giants.
Today In Baseball History
1939 – With apparent muscle loss, especially around his shoulders, Yankee first baseman Lou Gehrig goes deep twice in an exhibition game against the Dodgers. The home runs will be the last round trippers the ‘Iron Horse’ will ever hit.
~ King of Cali

Who’s Your 3 For Your Team?

I’m curious to see what other bloggers out there think about their teams. I want to know who you think your #1 player is, most excited to see play this year and one prospect that we should all watch out for in the near future….
Giants #1 Player…
I think the Giants #1 player is Tim Lincecum. I wish I could say it was an everyday player but it’s not. Which means our #1 player only plays every 5 days, but he’s one hell-of-a-player! Everyone knows he won the Cy Young last year. I think he’s only going to get better. I mean it’s hard to match the stats he had last season, but that was just his first full season. He’s going to learn more about the hitters and his pitches. He’s got Randy Johnson to absorb a lot of knowledge off of.
Most Excited To See…
The player I’m most excited to see play this year is Pablo Sandoval. This guy can flat out rake! He played in 41 games and the end of last season. He hit .345 during that time. He has been just as hot in spring training. He has hit 3 home runs and has a .460 batting avg. He is going to get on base a lot and drive in some runs for the Giants. He will be a spark plug to help jumpstart this offense.
Prospect To Watch Out For…
The up and coming prospect to look out for is Buster Posey. He is going to be the Giants catcher of the future. He also had a great spring and it looked like he was trying to battle it out with Molina for the starting role, but the Giants would like to see him catch a year in the minors. He will be brought up probably in September. I’m pretty sure he will be the Giants starting catcher next season.
~ King of Cali

Domino effect time for free agents

With spring training here. I think a lot of players are going to start to panic
AbreuBobby.jpgthat they are not on teams. They don’t want to sign late and miss the start of the season. I’m sure we will see some signings starting to come quick. Bobby Abreu and Adam Dunn signing recently is starting the domino effect for the rest of the players. If someone would have asked you at the beginning of the off-season that your team can get Abreu for $5 million would you have believed them? I’m sure if any team would have thought that. Every team would have jumped to try to get that deal worked out quick. Abreu is a steal for the Angels. It’s such a great move cause they got him for cheap and he can bat anywhere. They don’t expect him to be a huge force. He’s just a great bat that has some pop. He will get them about 20 or more home runs and will hit about .300. Can’t ask for anything more than that for a $5 million deal.

DunnAdam.jpgI think Adam Dunn was waiting as long as he could to get a better offer. He just never got it, so he decided to finally sign with the Nationals. The reason I say finally cause it was reported a while back that the Nationals had a contract offer to Dunn but he just kept waiting and waiting. I think he was waiting for Manny to sign and then see what’s out there for him. I’m sure he was hoping Manny wouldn’t sign in LA, so he can sign with the Dodgers.
Now it’s wait and see who’s signing next. I’m sure most of us have heard the Dodgers are trying to sign Manny and Orlando Hudson. As a Giants fan I hate this move. As a baseball fan… I think this makes the Dodgers a whole lot stronger. To add these two bats to your lineup. Orlando will hit around .300 and Manny will just rake all day at the plate. I hope the Dodgers can’t get both of these players, but if they do. We will just throw Tim Lincecum at them and no Dodgers will be hitting that day. =)
~King of Cali

If you were a GM what realistic moves would you make for your team this off-season?

Its funny cause I wrote this topic down and was going to post a blog about it.
Thumbnail image for TimLincecum-1.jpgThen I actually found another blog with something similar. It was about the Giants and what they would do if they were the GM. I do give the guy credit because he did put a lot of time and thought into it, but it just wasn’t realistic. What realistic moves would you make with your team. Trades, free agent signings or whatever you can think of. You can’t change any of the teams your team has already made this off-season. Starting today….
If I was Brian Sabean I would trade some pitching for a bat. I would trade Jonathan Sanchez to the Florida Marlins for Jorge Cantu. He hit .277 with 29 home runs and 95 RBI’s. That would be the corner infielder they were looking for. He can play 3rd base and then Pablo Sandoval can play first base.
Then I would make a hard push for Manny Ramirez. He would be another great bat that would be in the middle of the lineup. Then the Giants would be the favorite in the NL West. They would have a very decent lineup with a great starting rotation.
If by any chance the Giants are out of it by trading deadline. Then I would trade Bengie Molina since he’s in his last year of his contact. No need to re-sign him with Buster Posey ready to come up by the end of the season. Posey was drafted by the Giants with the 5th overall pick in the 2008 draft. Randy Winn would like to stay a Giant. He’s been a good Giant too. I would re-sign him if he doesn’t demand a lot of money. If he’s not signed before the trading deadline. I would also trade him as well. To get some minor league player or players. No sense in letting him walk at the end of the season and get nothing in return.

~King of Cali

What player on your favorite team will have a breakout year in 2009?

Well I think a couple players on the Giants will have a breakout year. I guess I will
PabloSandoval.jpgname them both and for different reasons. I think Pablo Sandoval will have a very nice season with the bat. He hit .345, 3 Home Runs and 24 RBI’s in just 41 games. I believe that was just a sample of what he can do with a bat in his hands. He does hit for AVG, but I’m hoping he gets a little more pop in his bat. He will probably be batting 3rd and I’m sure he will keep his AVG up and RBI’s will also come easy for him with Renteria on base a lot in front of him.

BarryZito.jpgI also think Barry Zito will have a breakout year. I know I’m sure a lot of you guys think that’s a type error. No it’s not! I do believe he will have a breakout year. This year he’s not going to be the main guy that everyone is looking at cause of his big contract. They have Tim Lincecum coming back as the ace and Cy Young award winner. Then you add Randy Johnson with Matt Cain and Jonathan Sanchez. Zito will fall back to like the 3rd or 4th spot in the starting rotation. Which can only help him. He will not be going up against another teams ace. He can only get better at the bottom of the rotation.
Who do you belive will be your teams breakout player of 2009?
– King of Cali

Pitching isn’t everything if you can’t score!

Brian Sabean and the Giants like to stress how important pitching is. Yes I believe it is very important to have pitchers that can give you a quality start. This is a pitcher that can give your team a chance to win. Matt Cain is living proof that pitching isn’t everything. This kid can go out there and pitch some gems, but still can’t get any run support behind him.


TimLincecum-1.jpgThe National League West was the weakest division by far last season. The Giants had the starting pitching to get them a lot of wins, but lost a lot of games because they couldn’t score many runs. I’m still amazed how Tim Lincecum won so many games with the run support the Giants put out. I’m sure glad no one was able to hit him and his ERA was so low. Lincecum’s ERA this season was 2.62 and he did reach 18 wins. You basically had to be a Cy Young award winner to be able to get some wins on this team.


I’m all for having great pitchers and have a great pitching staff. This is what the Giants do seem to have since they have made some upgrades to their bullpen. They just need to make a move to get some spark in their lineup.


— King of Cali