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Giants Win A Series With No Bats!

From the outside looking in it sounds like the Giants had a good weekend. They won the series over the D-Backs. Giants won 2 out of 3 games. Sounds good right? Well not exactly. I mean don’t get me wrong. I will take the wins. It’s just the Giants still aren’t scoring any runs.
Friday Night
The Giants sent Jonathan Sanchez to the mound and he pitched great! The Giants won that game 2-0. Not much offense but they got enough to get the win to start the series.
The Giants send Tim Lincecum to the mound. He’s had a tough start to the early season. Well he goes out there and pitches a gem! He gives up 5 hits and gets 13 strike outs without allowing a run in 8 innings. Then relief pitching comes in and gives up 2 runs. Giants lose the game 2-0. No run support for Lincecum.
Randy Johnson goes to the mound for the first time against his former team in a game that counts. Johnson goes into the 7th inning with a no hitter. He did give up a double in the 7th but still held the D-Backs scoreless. That was the only hit the D-Backs got in that game. The Giants had a 1 -0 lead for most of that game. Once Johnson came out it seemed like I was just waiting to see who would blow the game. Well the Giants then in the bottom of the 8th got bases loaded with no outs. All they can get out of that is one run. Aurilia hits a double play ball to score a run and then the next guy gets out. These guys just struggle to get 1 run. Well anyways they still pulled that game out. They won 2 out of 3 from the D-Backs with only scoring 4 runs.
The only good thing is the starting pitchers are doing what we all thought they would do and the bats are doing what everyone thought too. lol I’m sure the bats will wake up. There is a couple decent hitters that have started off with a slump. Up next for the Giants is Peavy and the Padres starting tomorrow night.
~ King of Cali

D-Backs vs. A’s recap 3/12/09

The Diamondbacks got 2 hits in the top of the 1st but did not score. Dan Haren gets the start for the D-Backs. He did get Rajai Davis to fly out and then walked Travis Buck. Matt Holliday then grounded into a fielders choice. Forcing out Buck at 2nd base. Haren then faced Jason Giambi and fell off to the side of the mound which caused some concern to the D-Backs, so they came out to check on him. He said he was fine and stayed in the game. He then walked Giambi, so runners on 1st and 2nd. He then got into a 3-0 count and Ellis then hit an RBI single scoring Matt Holliday from 2nd base. Haren then struck out Powell to get out of the inning. After one inning it’s the D-Backs 0 and the A’s 1.
Upton led off the 2nd inning with a single off of Mazzaro. Mazzaro gets Reynolds to strike out. Upton tried to steal 3rd base but got thrown out by A’s catcher Landon Powell. Snyder then strikes out and Skelton grounds out to end the top of the 2nd inning. Bobby Crosby then led off the bottom of the 2nd. I really want this guy to do good. I like him and feel bad that the A’s went out to get Orlando Cabrera. I’m sure they are looking to trade Crosby. He didn’t help himself off because he struck out to start the 2nd inning. Dan Haren retired the A’s in order going 3 up and 3 down to end the 2nd inning.
Dan Haren reached his pitch count after walking Giambi in the bottom of the 4th. He pitched 3 innings allowing 1 hit, 1 run, 3 walks and 4 strike outs. Going into the top of the 5th the A’s are still clinging to a 1 run lead. In the bottom of the 5th the A’s got 3 straight hits off of Qualls. Giambi got an RBI single. After 5 innings its the A’s 2 and the D-Backs 0. The A’s add on to the score in the bottom of the 7th inning. Doolittle hits a home run to make the score 5-0. The A’s would add one more run before the inning ends.
The D-Backs did load the bases in the top of the 8th inning, but couldn’t get any runs in. A double play ball ended their chance to score. The D-Backs finally scored in the 9th inning, but to little to late.
The D-Backs score 1 run on 10 hits with 0 errors. The A’s scored 6 runs on 12 hits and 1 error. There was only 2 players who had a multi hit game. The D-Backs Frey had 2 hits in 5 AB’s with the only RBI of the game for the D-Backs. The A’s Mark Ellis was 2-16 coming into this game. Ellis went 2-3 with 1 RBI. That was his first RBI of the spring.
Side Notes
One good thing about listening to the A’s -D-Backs game on the radio was they did a lot of talking about the Giants. I guess cause the Giants and A’s are in the bay area and the D-Backs are in the NL West with the Giants. They also think Zito will have a decent year because he’s going to be the #4 starter. They also think the Giants still need one big bat to add to the lineup. They are saying the same stuff I have been blogging about this whole off season. Does this mean I should work in baseball too? I wish!
~King of Cali