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Dodgers, NL West

Well now it’s official that the Dodgers have Orlando Hudson. I think that’s a really good pick up for any team. It’s now starting to look more and more like the Dodgers will be the favorite to win the NL West. We all know the
jasonschmidt.jpg3Manny signing should be coming soon. Jason Schmidt is also trying to get the 5th sport in the starting rotation. When Jason was with the Giants. He was our ace and that guy would blow the ball by anyone. I think the Giants were smart to not resign him and let him go to the Dodgers. Schmidt hasn’t
pitched very Manny games for the Dodgers. He went 1-4 in 2007 and missed all of last season. I honestly believe that Jason is not going to be even close to the kind of pitcher he was before. The Dodgers are shaping themselves to a decent team. The only problem right now is their starting rotation. Which happens to be a big problem. If you’re counting on Weaver and Schmidt to try to win spots in the rotation. You know your starting rotation is going to be hurting. Plus you need Furcal and Hudson to try to stay healthy for the season. I love all this speculation. I can’t wait for the season to start. I love baseball! =)
~King of Cali