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Shortstop Rumors, Brandon Crawford

The San Francisco Giants have recently been linked to shortstop Alex Gonzalez. Brian Sabean is making it clear that the Giants are out of the Jose Reyes and Jimmy Rollins sweepstakes.

Brandon Crawford tells me that he hears the rumors swirling, but they don’t bother him. They just drive him to work harder.

You can check out Crawford’s offseason insights that he shared with me at SF Giants Rumors.

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Quick Thoughts, Media Day, Brandon Crawford

Today was media day at AT&T Park. I was able to get in and check it out. All the players that I spoke with were very nice. The other writers and media were also pretty nice. I will be updating SF Giants Rumors with some video’s and pictures that I was able to capture. I also will not some stuff some players had to say. I probably won’t update that until Sunday or Monday.


The site currently has a Q&A With Brandon Crawford up. Crawford is the Giants #6 Prospect in their minors. He’s a shortstop who’s attending his 2nd Big League Spring Training. Check it out when you get a chance. You may want to leave a comment. He just might end up reading your comment. =)



Can’t Get Enough Pablo Sandoval?

The offseason is slowly starting to come to an end. We are a month away from Spring Training. Some players are still trying to get themselves in good shape for this 2011 season. Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval has been on a mission to get himself in good shape and shed some pounds.


SF Giants Rumors was able to get an Exclusive Pablo Sandoval Video. It’s of the Kung Fu Panda working out. If you still can’t get enough Sandoval, then you came to the right place!


Pablo was kind enough to do a Q&A with the SF Giants Rumors between workouts. Here is the link…. I hope you enjoy it!


Q&A With Pablo Sandoval


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Giants Agree With Three, Sandoval Video

The San Francisco Giants have came to an agreement with Cody Ross, Ramon Ramirez, and Jonathan Sanchez. Which means they avoid arbitration. The Cody Ross agreement was for 1 year, $6.3 million. Ramirez and Sanchez deals haven’t been disclosed as of yet.


I was able to get a SF Giants Rumors Pablo Sandoval Exclusive Video. It’s him working out, and you can tell he’s shed some pounds. You can check it out at SF Giants Rumors, and be sure to leave a comment on any posts you have an opinion about. Giants fans love to reply back to each other and get the baseball excitment going as spring training is getting closer.


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Renteria Update

Hope everyone had a nice New Years. Just wanted to pass the update to Giants fans that Edgar Renteria has started talking to the Giants again. To get more insights on this post. Check out SF Giants Rumors – Renteria Back In The Mix?


Also wanted to let you know that SF Giants Rumors has an Adroid App. It’s an easy way to keep yourself updated with all the latest SF Giants Rumors right to your phone!


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Giants Offseason Thoughts

The offseason has had a lot of action with the Adrian Gonzalez trade, and Cliff Lee going to the Phillies. There is a lot of baseball fans that are saying with Lee joining the Phillies that they should get into Sports Betting, and put some money on the Phillies.


The Giants haven’t made any big moves this offseason, but they did manage to keep the core of the World Series Champions together. Renterias return is up in the air, and Uribe has left town to join the Dodgers.


I believe Sabean will do his best work during the season, and that’s when he get’s a player here or there to fill gaps. Also hot prospect Brandon Belt might be the big boost if he continues to swing like he has been.


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If you’re looking for more insights on the San Francisco Giants, Go to SF Giants Rumors for all the latest rumors updated daily!

Payroll Is Going Up, Big Free Agents To Come?

The San Francisco Giants payroll is going up to the $120 million range, but that doesn’t mean they are big spenders on free agents this offseason.

They re-signed Aubrey Huff after the big season he had for the Giants. He made $3 million last year and he got a $7 million raise this year. Then the Giants signed Miguel Tejada to replace Juan Uribe. That’s another $6.5 million added to the teams budget. Yes they lost Uribe and Renteria’s contracts but players get raises this year too. I will break down all the contracts on a later post.

The Giants won’t bid on a big free agent till they shed Aaron Rowand and Barry Zito‘s contracts.

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All The Latest SF Giants Rumors


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Guillen To The Giants Insights!

The Newest Giants player is Jose Guillen. All it took was a high-five, some cash and a PTBNL (Player To Be Named Later).

I’m getting mixed reactions from all Giants fans about the Jose Guillen trade. I think every GM’s goal is to make your whole roster stronger, so adding Guillen would be a good thing right?

Go check out my post SF Giants Rumors – Guillen A Giant, Good Move?



Come check out my thoughts on the trade.. All The Latest SF Giants Rumors Updated Daily! www.sfgiantsbaseball.net

2010 Trading Deadline Is A Few Days Away – Giants Rumors!

Hey Giants fans, or just baseball fans in general. The trading deadline is rapidly approaching. We are just a few days away, and names are getting thrown out from left-field.


The San Francisco Giants have been linked to Corey Hart, Prince Fielder, Adam Dunn, Jose Bautista, Jose Guillen, Scott Podsednik, and the list goes on…


Giants GM Brian Sabean has said he’s not looking for a rental player, but he may have to change his mind if he really wants a bat. That is unless he’s willing to part with Madison Bumgarner.


Check our SF Giants Rumors for all the latest SF Giants Rumors/News etc. Today’s post SF Giants Rumors – Hart, Fielder, Dunn, Lee, Cantu, etc. really has some nice up to date information.


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Giants Rumors Heating Up!

Hey Giatns fans… I hope all is well for you, and things are starting to get a little better in Giantsland. The Giants hit a major skid, but seem to be rebounding against the Brewers. The Giants have been linked to some rumors recently. Names that have been thrown out there are Jose Guillen, David DeJesus, Corey Hart, Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun. To hear more insights on these SF Giants Rumors go check out at sfgiantsbaseball.net.


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All The Latest SF Giants Rumors