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Double Header With Nats – Giants/Braves Trigger Finger

Good news Giants fans. The Giants didn’t lose on the road last night. Well they actually didn’t even play. They waited over 3 hrs at the field to see if they can get the game in, but Mother Nature had other plans. Which means Randy Johnson has to wait another day to go for win #300. Johnson will take the mound today if the rain clears up. He will be pitching game 1 of the double header. Game 1 will be at 1:30pm pacific time. Game 2 will follow that with Matt Cain on the mound.
The Giants have been pretty much hopeless on the road. They have the 2nd best home record in the National League, but can’t seem to win on the road to save their lives. We probably have had the easiest road games possible to win so far this year, and we can’t even take advantage of that. I’m sure a lot of people don’t know this, but the Giants actually have the 2nd best home record in the National League. We are 2nd to the hated Dodgers!
Thoughts about Glavine/Braves and Giants non moves.
In recent news I’m sure that everyone has heard about Glavine getting released by the Braves. This is a guy that will be in the Hall of Fame for sure. This guy has had so many big games for the Braves. Do you think it was right that they released him? Well that all depends on how you look at the situation. The Braves look at it like a business. They want to win and will release a player like Glavine if they think they have someone better to fill his spot. They even went out and made a trade to get Nate McLouth. Now lets step back and look at the Giants. The Giants have a tough time in even thinking about releasing Rich Aurilia. He’s still on the team with a .200 Avg. He did actually get hot to get his Avg. up to .200 and he did hit his first home run last week. Giants can’t even release a fallen star when the Braves can release a future Hall of Famer. The Giants are just dangling Jonathan Sanchez and the Braves are out there making trades. Just shows you which team wants to win and pull the trigger on moves and which team just wants to dangle a player.
~ King of Cali

Giants fans have mixed feelings about Manny

Fans in the Bay Area are saying the Giants need Manny to bring a big name
MannyRamirezredsox.jpgand bat back to San Francisco. Then other fans are saying let Manny be Manny somewhere else. I see both sides, so I understand both sides of the argument.
Manny can make any teams lineup look solid with him in the middle of it. He can hit a home run out of any park, so that would mean even a pitchers park like AT&T park. Manny can also hit for average as well as being a home run threat every time he steps to the plate. He would have tons of fans buying tickets just to see him swing the bat.
Manny would be a big liability out in leftfield. If Manny isn’t happy he will want to sit out or give up on his team. He’s getting up in age to give a big contract to him. Manny would be a team destroyer in the locker room.
I’m sure there is a lot more pro’s and con’s out there. I would still sign Manny. He is SUPERSTAR player. He brings fans to the park. If you pass by a TV and see him at the plate. You will stop to see what he does. He will help a team that is in need of a big bat. He will not get in the way of any up and coming Giants.
It’s obvious that I think the Giants should sign him, but I know they will not. Manny will be a Dodger sooner or later. Why couldn’t the Yankees sign him too? Just to get him out of the NL West. I am a Manny fan and look forward to see him play next season. Since he will probably hit around .300. I figured he can have his hits against other teams, cause he will not be able to hit our starting rotation.
~King of Cali
Tyler Walker has signed with the Mariners and Rich Arullia’s agent said the Giants are talking to them about re-signing him for another season, but won’t do so till it get’s closer to spring training.