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Trading Deadline Is Near…

With the trading deadline getting closer and closer. It seems like all you hear now is about different trade rumors that are swirling around. The early rumors was the Giants were interested in Dan Uggla and Nick Johnson. That’s still one that is still going around. The Giants are also linked to Jermaine Dye, Victor Martinez and Mark Teahen. The Giants really do have a lot of options when it comes to making a move. Our offense has a lot of holes that need to be filled.
The Giants offense actually has been coming around, but they can still use
JDye.jpganother solid bat or two in their lineup. Dye is a decent bat with some good pop to add, but I wouldn’t give up any top prospects for him. Victor Martinez would be a decent pick up as well. They would have to play him at 1st base when Molina is catching. I’m not to big on making a trade for Teahen. He has a decent bat and can play multiple positions but I would only get him if everything else didn’t go through and I pretty much got him for nothing. I keep going back and forth with Uggla but he does have some pop. His avg is just way down right now, but that could make him a lot easier to trade for. I’m sure the Giants are wishing they made the trade Jonathan Sanchez for Jorge Cantu when the Marlins wanted to make that move.
I would love to see Holliday in a Giants uniform, but I wouldn’t make the trade since the Giants would have to part with some decent players and Holliday’s contract ends after this year, so there is no guarantee that he would sign with the Giants. I hear a lot of fans scared to make a trade cause they don’t want to give up the players that are up and coming. Don’t worry Giants fans they are not going to trade Posey or Bumgarner, but you do have to give up players to get players. That’s why some of these players are in our minors. They can help us with trade bait and then we have some that are untouchable.
~King of Cali

My Giants Thoughts – Today In Baseball History

I thought Randy Johnson looked very good last night. You can’t expect much more than what he gave us. I’m sure he can give us over 10 wins this year. I’m thinking 12 or more. He did have two bad pitches and those were both home runs. One was a solo shot to Cameron and the other was a 3 run shot by the pitcher. He had him in a 1-2 count and put a fast ball right down the middle. That is the first time in Johnson career that he has given up a home run to a pitcher.
Giants had their chances to score a couple times. The best chance they had was bases loaded with their cleanup hitter up. I’m a Bengie fan but he’s just not a #4 hitter. He’s the worse cleanup hitter in the league. He grounded out to the shortstop to end the inning. Earlier in the game when they had another chance to score. Molina hit into a double play. I think the Giants should move Pablo Sandoval up to the 4th spot, then Ishikawa to #5. I would then even move Rowand up to #6 and put Molina in the #7th spot. He would be a great hitter lower in the lineup, but he’s just not a cleanup hitter.
San Jose Giants
The Giants Single A team has their home opener tonight. There is really a buzz around here with this team. The Giants have their top 5 prospects starting in San Jose. They have 4 former first-round picks. Some players that will be there are Buster Posey, Madison Bumgarner, Tim Alderson and the 18 year old Dominican first baseman Angel Villalona. The Giants signed him when he was 16. They are expecting him to be a big time power hitter by the time he makes up to the San Francisco Giants.
Today In Baseball History
1993 – At Comiskey, Bo Jackson homers in his return after eighteen months of rehab following his career threatening football injury.
~ King of Cali