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Dodgers in limbo with Ramirez and contact Dunn and Abreu

I recently heard the Dodgers are not going to wait for Manny Ramirez and have already let
Manny.jpgAdam Dunn
and Bobby Abreu know that they are interested. This could be a backup plan that is just going to get moved to the front since Ramirez won’t give them an answer about his return to the Dodgers or not. It also can be a move to let Ramirez know hey you need to decide before we make a move to sign one of these other guys.


AdamDunn.jpgWhen I heard about this it got me thinking of different things that can happen. I was thinking wow what if the Dodgers sign Dunn or Abreu and that leaves the Giants to snatch up Ramirez. Then I was also thinking well that would suck if the Dodgers got Dunn and Ramirez signed with another team. That still leaves the Giants with nothing. Well you never know what willl happen. All we can do is voice our opinions and see what the teams do on their own.


-King of Cali

Giants land Randy Johnson

San Francisco Giants add Randy Johnson to their starting rotation. Which means there is no
RandyJohnson.jpgrush for Noah Lowry to rush his recovery. This is a good move for the Giants. They now have a very strong starting rotation. With this signing they can now also deal a pitcher to get a big bat in return. Which is what I doubt will happen. If the Giants keep Sanchez. Then Johnson would be a good mentor for him. Sanchez has a live arm but does have some control problems at times.


The Giants seem like the only team making some moves in the National League West. They still haven’t made the big move that everyone knows the desperately need. That’s a big bat in the middle of the lineup. At this point in the offseason. I think it’s safe to say the Giants will have the best starting rotation in the National League West. We look forward to seeing Randy Johnson in Orange and Black!


– King of Cali

Giants might be waiting for next off season to splurge on Holliday

Well since it’s obvious the Giants are not even trying to sign Manny Ramirez.
MattHolliday.jpgIt got me looking as to what they can have in mind. The only thing I can think of is the Giants are trying to give the young guys more experience and then try to splurge next off-season on Matt Holliday. Matt Holliday would be a good fit with the Giants. He would be the best free agent available next season.
I recently heard someone on the radio say that it’s good that the A’s traded for Holliday cause it gives him a season to get comfy in the Bay Area so he will want to stay and sign with the Giants next season. That sounds good to me, but with Holliday being the biggest bat available next off-season. I’m sure he’s going to have plenty of teams trying to sign him. Matt Holliday is a great bat but still not a Manny Ramirez who happens to be there for the taking right now! Don’t get me wrong though cause I would still love to see Holliday in Black and Orange.
– King of Cali

Why not Manny?

The Giants are hurting for superstar to take center stage at Pac Bell Park
Manny.jpg(AT&T Park) or whatever it’s now called. Who can change a pitchers park into a launching pad? Yes that’s right…. Manny! The Giants say they don’t want to make any moves that’s going to slow the growth of future home grown Giants. Well signing Manny wouldn’t do that. He would require a long term contract. They can probably sign him for 2 years or 3 the most. He makes perfect sense for the Giants. You can take him away from the Dodgers and you get a huge bat right smack in the middle of the lineup. He’s going to get his home runs no matter what stadium he’s playing in. The Giants have the money to pay for Manny to come. It’s just Sabean is now trigger shy to really make any big moves by free agent signing or trades. While I’m writing this blog I’m hearing that they Yanks are close to signing Ramirez. Why don’t the Giants just go out and toss the money his way. He’s 20 times better than any hitter that they have on their current roster. This is a guy that can change your season. He can put the Giants at the top of the National League West! Why not roll the dice on a SUPERSTAR like Manny Ramirez?
– King of Cali 

Giants still need home run pop

edgar_renteria.jpgThe Giants are in desperate need of a “Big Bat”. They have signed shortstop Edgar Renteria who is an offensive upgrade at shortstop. He should also have a bounce back year with the bat coming back to the National League. He is a clutch hitter and is a nice bat to have in the 2nd spot of the lineup. He is not a “Big Bat” that the Giants desperately need.



BengieMolina2838614_Giants_v_Padres.jpgIf the Season were to start now. This would mean that Bengie Molina will be back in the 4th spot. Bengie is also a very good clutch hitter, but not a power hitter. He can drive in some runs for you, but will only clog the bases up with his below average speed. Bengie is not the Home Run threat that the Giants need. He would be a very good lower in the lineup.


Brian Sabean has said the Giants need a “Big Bat” at one of the corner spots in the infield. With Pablo Sandoval probably playing 3rd base. This means the Giants will need to make a move via trade or free agency to fill 1st base.


Sabean has said he refuses to trade pitching which is the reason he’s not able to find someone to give the Giants a “Big Bat”. You do have to give up something to get something. Does Sabean think someone will give the Giants a power hitter for nothing in return? The Giants are in a very good market and have a lot of money to spend. Sabean says they are not going to spend money just to spend it. Well that’s what the Giants have done for the last couple of years. They have done this with the Barry Zito and Aaron Rowand signings. Even though this free agency doesn’t have that many supper star players in it. There is still some very good bats with pop that I’m sure the Giants would love to have in their lineup.


–King of Cali